100 h.p. single-phase motor

Single Phase Power Solutions’ 100 h.p., single-phase electric motor is compatible with readily available single-phase utility services. At US$26,000, the unit competes well with other forms of farm power for jobs like pumping or grain handling.  |  SPPS photo

The expense of procuring three-phase power has always been a significant hurdle for the efficiency and expansion of livestock operations, irrigation, grain-handling facilities and localized value-added processing.

A Cincinnati firm, Single Phase Power Solutions, is re-introducing the world’s first 100 horsepower, single-phase electric motor.

In an interview, company president Drew Abbott said that about 150 of the motors had previously been sold in Canada, but his engineers carried out a complete upgrade on the motor when he bought the patent six years ago.

Abbott said the motor employs written-pole technology that’s compatible with readily available single-phase utility services. The utility-friendly starting and operating characteristics provided by written-pole tend to minimize voltage sags and flicker on long single-phase distribution lines.

“It’s ideal for industrial applications where three-phase power is not readily available or cost-effective. This revolutionary technology eliminates the need for phase converters or complex variable frequency drive installations,” said Abbott.

It’s rated at 100 h.p., 460 volts at 1,800 rpm. It delivers 95.5 percent efficiency at rated load and draws 170 amps at full load. The complete unit weighs about 2,700 pounds. The motor windings are fabricated of high-grade copper and Class H insulation materials similar to those used in premium three-phase electric motors. The design eliminates brushes, slip-rings and internal rotary switches.

“The previous generation of this motor were extremely reliable. There’s one example of an older design of our 100 h.p. motor that’s been in continuous operation since 2005. Our upgrades will make it even more reliable.

“The motor has a low starting-current demand. Starting demand is less than one quarter of conventional single or three-phase electric induction motor. The soft-start design is achieved without reduced-voltage starting. This dramatically increases the maximum h.p. rating that may be started and operated on rural single-phase utility distribution systems. The motor achieves levels of energy efficiency comparable to premium-efficiency three-phase motors. The 100 h.p. motor reduces energy costs by 50 to 75 percent.”

Over-temperature, under-speed and overload protection are supported by intelligent diagnostics. These are included as standard features in every control panel, further easing installation and ensuring long-term reliability in the field.

Abbott said the list price is US$29,000, including the upgraded control panel.

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