Ontario family farm focuses on growing ginseng

Disease and a search for suitable land are challenges for this producer, who married into the business

Every crop comes with challenges. For wheat, quality is always a worry because low-protein or high-fusarium wheat will be discounted at the elevator. Soybeans can be stressful because a frost in late August or early September could dramatically cut yields. But those issues are small compared to the challenges of growing ginseng in Canada. After […] Read more

Trying to replicate favourite restaurant meals can be fun

Replication of some enjoyable restaurant dishes

My daughter and I recently spent time shopping together and trying menus from a few restaurants. As a spin-off from our experiences, we have been trying to replicate some of the most enjoyable restaurant dishes in our own kitchen. Here are some simple replications to satisfy your appetite and hopefully provide your body with comforting […] Read more

Cows played important role on family farm

Looking back: The cows all had names were considered part of the family

My dad loved to tell a well-worn story that went like this: “Old Dandelion came up behind and sniffed the back of your head. Out came her long tongue and licked up the back of your hood. You were only about two feet tall and your little body was so stiff, packed into your snowsuit, […] Read more

Canada taps into Chinese barley demand

Global demand for top quality malting barley continues to grow

Annual barley plantings in Western Canada continued their downward trend in 2017, slipping to roughly 5.44 million acres — the crop’s smallest seeded acreage in more than a decade. Nonetheless, there is cause for optimism, according to the head of the Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre. Despite reduced acreage and relatively tight margins, global demand […] Read more

Writer changes how we view the outdoors

The landscape will look different after reading this book. An everyday sky will suddenly glow with colour and dance for joy. A frozen slough will have you noticing its snow-covered cattails and imagining the thriving ecosystem embedded beneath its surface. A bush will have you straining to see a moose, a deer or even a […] Read more

Farmer launches campaign to nix PST on insurance

A couple of resolutions made the rounds at most of the annual general meetings held at CropSphere 2018. One tabled by Dave Sefton, a farmer from Broadview, Sask., and director of SaskFlax, called on the provincial government to remove the provincial sales tax (PST) from insurance products. He told growers attending a variety of AGM’s […] Read more

How to help a young child cope with death

Q: Although my mother is only 74 years old, she is very sick and will likely not live past the summer. Mom and I have had a good relationship over the years. We love each other dearly and are as honest as two people ever could be with each other. I will miss her when […] Read more

College students treated to local fare

CAMROSE, Alta. — It’s lunch time at the cafeteria at the University of Alberta’s Augustana campus in Camrose. Students are lining up, chatting and laughing, awaiting their turn. The main course menu items today are spicy sausages, tender baby potatoes, and creamy dilled carrots, all locally sourced. A homemade bun rounds out the main course. […] Read more

VIDEO: Farmer advocates for gay rights, rural lifestyle

STEINBACH, Man. — Farming, singing and travel. Those are Chris Plett’s favourite things. And being a farmer, a singer and an airline employee is how Chris automatically describes himself. But the warm, affable man is defined by many other people in many other ways, and that’s just a reality he accepts about his situation. “The […] Read more