Molly was last seen on the evening of Sept. 22 in her pen near Evansburg, Alta., 100 kilometres west of Edmonton. | Jeremy Simes photo

Horse owner pleads for help to find missing Clyde

A six-year-old mare has been missing for nearly a month, and its owner believes it was stolen from her property overnight. The bay-coloured Clydesdale named Molly was last seen on the evening of Sept. 22 in her pen near Evansburg, Alta., 100 kilometres west of Edmonton. Owner Cindy Thomas said she noticed Molly was missing […] Read more

The impact of cellphones has gone way beyond adolescence. | Getty image

Personal interactions continue despite cellphone use

Q: My husband recently took me on what the young people today might call a date night. We ate at one of the more elegant cafes, and it was wonderful. But during the evening, the two of us saw something that we thought was somewhat distressing. A young couple came to the table next to […] Read more

The level of roughness in play is less a factor than allowing kids to freely choose partners who like doing the same kinds of things and then letting them work out the rules and the interactions for themselves.  |  Getty image

Rough and tumble saves the day

A neuroscientist determines that play fighting teaches children how to read situations and respond appropriately

Kids will be kids, as they say. And kids, left to their own devices, will wrestle and fight with each other in rough and tumble play. It is common in all cultures. Sure, it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye — but a University of Lethbridge neuroscience professor has found that children […] Read more

Bill Zwambag and his son, Matthew, explain how they run their Limousin operation when family members work off the farm.  |  Barbara Duckworth photo

Teamwork is key for Ont. cattle producers

On the Farm: Three brothers learn to work together as they help their family focus on building Limousin herd

GLENCOE, Ont. — There is strength in numbers and the Zwambag family has proven that since they got into the purebred Limousin business in 1989. While holding down off-farm jobs, they built up their BeeZee Acres farm at Glencoe in southwestern Ontario and grew a family where all the members work together. “I’m proud of […] Read more

Balsamic beef short ribs require a long cooking time with moist heat to make them nice and tender.  |  Sarah Galvin photo

Instant Pot can make great meals … and Christmas presents

Many stores have already stocked their shelves with appliances for Christmas giving. The Instant Pot is front and centre for a second year. Before buying any appliance, consider how much use it will receive in your kitchen. Also, consider the space it takes either on your countertop or in a cupboard. If space is limited […] Read more

The Wheatland Express Excursion Train pulls into the station at Cudworth, Sask. The antique train offers themed excursions on track that runs between Wakaw and Cudworth in central Saskatchewan.  |  Brian Cross photo

Antique touring train picks up momentum

WAKAW, Sask. — A little antique train based in the heart of Saskatchewan wheat-growing country continues to turn heads and draw international attention. The Wheatland Express Excursion Train, based at Wakaw, Sask., recently hosted a film crew from the British Broadcasting Corporation. The crew was collecting footage for an upcoming a BBC documentary series entitled […] Read more

Cassidy, left, and Ashley Weber, spend time with their rodeo horses on the family farm near Carlyle, Sask.  | Karen Briere photo

Sask. sisters at home on the rodeo circuit

Cassidy and Ashley Weber can usually be found practising in their family’s riding arena or competing in the rodeo ring

CARLYLE, Sask. — They say every girl needs a horse. In Cassidy and Ashley Weber’s case, every girl needs more than one. The sisters compete on several rodeo circuits and recently both won titles at the same event. Cassidy, 15, won the senior high school all-around championship at a Saskatchewan High School Rodeo Association event […] Read more

Alberta minimum wage rises to $15 per hour

as of Oct. 1, 2018:

Alberta’s minimum wage rose to $15 per hour Oct. 1, an increase of $1.40 per hour, making it the highest of any province or territory in Canada. Saskatchewan and Manitoba also raised their minimums Oct. 1 to $11.06 and $11.35 respectively. Raising the minimum wage until it reached $15 was part of Alberta Premier Rachel […] Read more

Producers across Western Canada had a good weekend, with some harvest progress made as Mother Nature turned off the taps and allowed the fields to dry slightly. | File photo

Weekend saw harvest improve

Winnipeg – The week started off with a bang as trade news dominated the headlines and sent the loonie soaring. Canola took a hit on Monday but spent the rest of the week ended Oct. 5 in the green. A tentative renegotiated North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) deal was reached late Sep. 30. The […] Read more

Grilling corn imparts a slightly smoky flavour to the kernels. Enjoy with burgers, ribs, chicken or steaks.  |  Betty Ann Deobald photo

Corn on the cob can be enjoyed in every season

Fresh corn on the cob is such a delicious treat during the late summer and fall. Freezing the corn will extend the enjoyment through the winter. A few years ago, a friend recommended Canadian Early Supersweet hybrid as a good variety of corn to grow and we have been enjoying this variety ever since. The […] Read more