Denise Stilling, a researcher at the University of Regina, conducts an experiment as part of her research with decomposable straws. | Denise Stilling photo

Crop residue may be turned into decomposable straws

Researcher receives $150,000 grant for work on pulping flax straw and turning it into drinking straws that can decompose

When Denise Stilling grew up on a farm, she saw what it meant to reuse materials in a way that isn’t done anywhere else. “I remember as a kid, we reused that plastic twine and that hemp twine and we’d make hammocks for us to play on,” Stilling said. “So I kind of grew up […] Read more

Corb Lund might not be an obvious choice as a campaigner against fossil fuel expansion. But the music star has taken on an unexpected new role, as a leader of efforts to stop new open pit coal mines in western Canada's iconic Rocky Mountains. | Supplied photo

Country music star spurs unlikely coalition against coal

TORONTO, July 19 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – With hits like the “Roughest Neck Around” that celebrate oil workers, Canadian country rocker Corb Lund might not be an obvious choice as a campaigner against fossil fuel expansion. But the music star has taken on an unexpected new role, as a leader of efforts to stop new […] Read more

The winding road of infertility was difficult and painful for Leah and Justin Bridgeman of Binscarth, Man., but ended happily, first with the IVF conception of Adalie, who was born in 2018, and then the natural conception of Kolt, who was born in 2020. | Submitted photo

Couple’s IVF story has happy ending

In vitro fertilization treatments are an expensive and emotionally exhausting option for those struggling with infertility

Many couples cope with the heartbreak and stress of infertility. For those living in rural areas, where access to specialists is limited, treatment options can often be less accessible and more costly than they are for urban residents. On top of the actual treatments, some of which are not covered by provincial health-care plans, rural […] Read more

Place cooked burgers in a flavourful barbecue sauce to keep them hot, juicy and ready to serve to hungry swimmers or fishermen at the cabin. | Betty Ann Deobald photo

Easy meal ideas put more fun into summer at the lake

On the back deck or at the cabin, easy to prepare meals and treats are always welcome. Reader Alice Eagle of Lloydminster was looking for a barbecue sauce that can be put in a crockpot to keep a quantity of barbecued burgers hot and ready to serve. The following recipe is ideal. Bickleigh BBQ Burger […] Read more

Being assertive means that I have a clear idea of what I might want or need to fulfill my goals. | Getty Images

Assertiveness better response to bullies than violence

Q: Last week, our young son came home from the school playground with a bloody nose. This is not the first time this has happened. Apparently, two or three other boys in the neighbourhood are into bullying and using not only my son, but some of the other kids in the school as punching bags […] Read more

Lee Bowie collected sleighs and carriages because he was interested in their history. | Photo courtesy of Kim Bowie

Family auctions large carriage, sleigh collection

Lee Bowie, who farmed near Penhold, Alta., spent almost 60 years collecting modes 
of transportation from an earlier time

When Lee Bowie passed away at age 90, he left his family, his farm near Penhold, Alta., and his large collection of carriages and sleighs. Bowie had been a collector for almost 60 years, and his collection was one of the most extensive in North America, reaching 30 to 40 carriages at its peak. His […] Read more

For all the years I spent as a little girl, our shady front yard and the rambling old house that stood in the middle of it sheltered me from many of the harsh realities of life. | Getty Images

Old farmhouse gave shelter from life’s harsh realities

It takes a lot of living to make a house a home, and our house saw a lot of living. As a child I tried to imagine our sprawling farmhouse as the local showpiece it had apparently once been, painted in white with pale green gingerbread moldings above the triple bay windows. By the time […] Read more

Getting out a cookbook, finding a recipe and discovering you’re out of something doesn’t have to be the end of the world. | Getty Images

Don’t have an ingredient? Use something else

Getting out a cookbook, finding a recipe and discovering you’re 
out of something doesn’t have to be the end of the world

The following recipe originally came from an Australian friend, but as my aunt often said, when I got finished with it the list of ingredients had changed somewhat. She called it beef cottage pie and I normally refer to it as shepherd’s pie, even though true shepherd’s pie is made with lamb or mutton. I […] Read more

Hail the size of golf balls, or about 4.5 centimetres across, fell in Central Butte, Mankota and Scout Lake, while toonie to ping-pong ball sized hail was recorded east of Strasbourg and near Raymore. | Twitter/@UplandAllison photo

Sask. hit by more bad weather

Severe weather in Saskatchewan July 11 resulted in heavy rain, large hail and strong winds, according to Environment Canada. Around Last Mountain Lake, large hail caused significant damage to property and crops. Near Assiniboia, some suggested plow winds went through. The peak wind gust in the Assiniboia area was 119 kilometres per hour. Other notable […] Read more

Strawberries are a summer taste sensation. | Jodie Mirosovsky photo

Delicious strawberries can be used in a variety of ways

The ultimate summer taste is a bite into a fresh strawberry, so juicy and sweet. Each year we wait for the strawberry season, the thrill of picking fruit right off the vine or from your grocery store or farmers market. The boost of fibre and vitamin C make this berry a powerhouse. Strawberries are so […] Read more