Gary Stanford was surprised to learn that millers and bakers in key importing countries pay close attention to what Canadian farmers post on Twitter and other social media outlets.
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Foreign buyers keep eyes on farmers’ social media posts

Gary Stanford has a message for his fellow farmers after returning from a recent New Crop Mission to all three Americas. “We need to be careful on social media,” said the chair of the Alberta Wheat Commission. He was surprised to learn that millers and bakers in key importing countries pay close attention to what […] Read more

Michele Payn says mental health challenges among farmers and people who work in the industry are a problem, citing research that shows suicide rates are 50 percent higher in agriculture than in the general population. | Getty Images

Sharing breaks mental health stigma

Having the discussion can lead to more supports for people living in rural areas, says agriculture industry representative

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Michele Payn recalled what she calls one of the worst phone calls of her life. It was her parents. They told her they were selling all of their dairy cows and that they had lost the entire farm to bankruptcy. “That experience divided our family and it made me want to lay […] Read more

Veronica and Brad Doenz raise purebred Angus and Herefords on their ranch near Warner, Alta., assisted by their sons, Branson, 4, shown here, and Jordy, 7, who was in school.  |  Barb Glen photo

Century ranch focuses on Herefords and Angus

On the Farm: Veronica and and Brad Doenz operate LCI Doenz Ranches and raise two sons in southern Alberta

WARNER, Alta. — Veronica Doenz wears a T-shirt that gives an immediate clue about her busy life. Chasing Cows and Kids, it reads. She and her husband, Brad, have two young sons and 300 cows so they both do a lot of each activity. Jordy, 7, is in Grade 2 at the Warner school and […] Read more

Phoenix is located in the Sonoran Desert, a striking landscape dominated by huge saguaro cactus. | Robin and Arlene Karpan photo

Phoenix has a natural side that is worth exploring

The most surprising part of Phoenix, Arizona, is the easy access to nature and outdoor activities, even though it is one of the larger cities in the United States. Phoenix is in the Sonoran Desert, a striking landscape dominated by huge saguaro cactus. The best place to get oriented is at the Desert Botanical Garden […] Read more

No chili chili had a wonderful maple flavour rather than a hot chili flavour. Leftovers can be rolled into tortillas with cheese and heated in the microwave.  |  Betty Ann Deobald photo

Put creativity to work when modifying familiar recipes

One of the creative pleasures of cooking and baking is to take a familiar recipe and modify it to the ingredients that are on hand or to adapt it to accommodate taste preferences or dietary needs. Dr. Wendy Davis, naturopathic doctor from the Windthorst, Sask.’s, Harmony Health Clinic has modified many recipes to make them […] Read more

Dying former spouse deserves to expect some space

Q: We have a difficult situation. It started years ago when our son and his high school sweetheart graduated from high school together. They got married shortly afterward, had two very fine boys and tried to settle into life in our little town. But they were too young and the marriage did not work out. […] Read more

FCC Chief Agricultural Economist J.P. Gervais noted that Canada has been warming at twice the rate as the rest of the world, which already has brought changes to the country's growing season. That includes warmer weather generating more rain during planting and harvest periods along with greater potential for floods and droughts. | File photo

FCC highlights three disruptors to affect Canadian ag in 2020

WINNIPEG,(MarketsFarm) – Farm Credit Canada (FCC) believes there are three major factors that will disrupt Canadian agriculture in 2020, according to a prepared statement from the federal agency. Those disruptors are climate change, protectionism and automation, which FCC Chief Agricultural Economist J.P. Gervais said could promote or inhibit growth in the industry. “We call them […] Read more

Emile Brager is on a two-year trip through North America with his mules. | Karen Briere photo

Mule trekker braves prairie winter

AVONLEA, Sask. — Emile Brager is enjoying a day off the road, and so are his three mules. Brager is sitting in Brad and Tori Meggison’s farm kitchen finishing breakfast and sipping tea, while Jojo, Jack and Sally eat hay in a corral. The foursome tries to take a day off each week while they […] Read more

Darren Jones works to put emotion into his creations based on the vision conveyed by the client. |  Maria Johnson photo

Alberta sculptor carves new life into old trees

Darren Jones is particularly drawn to art that tells a story, which is evident in his carvings that feature multiple subjects

LACOMBE, Alta. — Many people see an old dead tree as having reached the end of its useful life. They knock it down, burn it up, chip it, or chop it into pieces. But not everyone feels this way. Tree sculptor Darren Jones from Ponoka, Alta., sees a valuable raw material concealing beauty within. With […] Read more

Farm employees at Ferme François Gosselin in Quebec pick strawberries in mid-October as harvest comes to a close. At its peak, the farm employs 125 employees.  |  Jeremy Simes photo

Quebec fruit operation takes safety seriously

On the Farm: Ferme François Gosselin employs up to 125 employees, who harvest fresh strawberries and raspberries

ILE D’ORLEANS, Que. — Dozens of farm workers are picking strawberries as the leaves begin to change colour in Quebec. They are nearing the end of harvest here on Île d’Orléans, a small island outside Quebec City. It’s situated on the Saint Lawrence River and is blanketed with red, orange and yellow maple trees. The […] Read more