Fababean pottage is the most common breakfast dish for about 90 percent of the people of Egypt.  |  Habeeb Salloum photo

Versatile fababeans can create an entire feast

One hot summer day, my mother seemed frustrated as she asked my father what she should do because she had nothing to offer the guests they were expecting for the weekend. My father suggested making a weekend of fresh fababeans. Our garden that summer was overflowing with fababeans, young, green and tender. We had planted […] Read more

Ceres Imaging started out using drone images in building precision ag maps, but quickly abandoned UAV technology in favor of good old fashioned Cessna 177 piloted aircraft. Ceres says the fixed wing plane gives it higher quality images than drones, and at a lower cost.  |  Cessna photo

Are airplanes taking over the hi-rez biz?

Veteran aerial photographers can roll out their trusty old Cessna 177 as leading precision ag mappers are dumping drone and satellite shots in favour of higher quality images from genuine piloted aircraft. The 177 has long been a favourite of aerial photographers. There’s no wing struts to get in the way of a good shot, […] Read more

Pacific Elevator 3, which is more than 100 years old, hasn’t been used for almost nine years.  |  Google Earth photo

Demolition of west coast elevator gets underway

A contaminated grain terminal that once played an important role in the growth of the Canadian grain industry will soon disappear from the Vancouver waterfront. Pacific Elevator 3, a grain storage facility consisting of 42 concrete grain silos and other structures, will be removed from the south shore of Vancouver Harbour by early next year, […] Read more

A research study conducted by Jeremy Pittman of the University of Waterloo seeks to determine which species-at-risk and endangered species conservation programs are most popular with landowners. | File photo

Study seeks ranchers’ opinions on conservation

Farmers and ranchers in the four western provinces are being asked to give opinions on conservation programs. A research study conducted by Jeremy Pittman of the University of Waterloo seeks to determine which species-at-risk and endangered species conservation programs are most popular with landowners. Multisar (multiple species at risk) and the Alberta Conservation Association are […] Read more

Plan a hot dog bar for your next casual lakeside family picnic. |  Sarah Galvin photo

Hot dog bar makes for easy summer family entertaining

What is your favourite way to cook a hot dog: boil, grill or both? Well, it turns out that boiling first and then charring on a hot grill yields the best hot dog. The inside is heated through and the outside is toasted to perfection without burning or drying out the exterior. The broiler works […] Read more

Mary Jane Orr, general manager of the Manitoba Beef & Forage Initiatives research farm near Brookdale, Man., grew up on a farm close to Carberry.  |  Robert Arnason photo

Call of home too strong to ignore

BROOKDALE, Man. — About five years ago, Mary-Jane Orr had a decision to make. She had just earned a PhD in soil microbiology from Purdue University and was considering a career in academic research — possibly at an American university. But something about that career path didn’t feel right. Plus, she had grown up on […] Read more

Saskatchewan farmer Terry Youzwa and his son, Zak, have never shied away from public life. Zachary, a fourth generation farmer, is president of the local Kinsmen branch and serves as a councillor with the Rural Municipality of of Nipawin.  |  Brian Cross photo

Sask. farm welcomes back fourth generation

On the Farm: Terry Youzwa has sat on a variety of boards over the years and his son is following in his footsteps

Saskatchewan farmer Terry Youzwa has never been the type of person to sit on the sidelines and criticize. “If you’ve got something to contribute, stick up your hand and get involved,” says Youzwa, who grows cereals and oilseeds on a medium-sized farm near Nipawin, Sask. “There aren’t enough people willing to step up. We need […] Read more

Kalyn Galloway is a student at Altario School, which has become an agriculture centre of excellence. She is a keen promoter of agriculture and hopes to make a career in the industry.  |  Barbara Duckworth photo

School develops centre of excellence for ag

Proponents argue such initiatives make rural schools and communities more sustainable and educates public about farming

ALTARIO, Alta. — There is a positive spirit at Altario School where the community and students have come together to promote agriculture. Located in east-central Alberta, the school has 65 students from kindergarten to Grade 12 and was determined remain a vibrant part of the community. With the help of the Prairie Land School Division, […] Read more

Joel Martens, riding Quigley, heads out to track the prey after a 20 minute head start.  |  Maria Johnson photo

Alta. chase game pits predator against prey

Ranch Tracker contestants must find flags hidden over 150 acres before being caught by a hunter on horseback

RED DEER — For competitive thrill seekers, a game of Ranch Tracker may provide the adrenaline rush many seek. The playing field is 150 acres of heavily treed, gently rolling hills at the Heritage Ranch recreation area surrounded on three sides by the curving Red Deer River. It’s a giant game of hide and seek. […] Read more