Grandfather-inspired chicken project thrives

Two Saskatchewan youngsters turn Andi & Alex’s Farm Fresh Eggs into a booming business, gathering up to 10 dozen eggs a day

CREELMAN, Sask.— It all started with a chicken coop built by Grandpa.

Last spring, Andi and Alex Ray’s grandfather, John Ray, decided his grandkids would benefit from having a chicken project in their shared farmyard.

The grandkids embraced the idea, starting with one brand-new coop and 60 laying hens.

One year later, nine-year-old Andi and seven-year-old Alex have 182 chickens in two new coops and gather up to 10 dozen eggs daily. Their booming business — Andi & Alex’s Farm Fresh Eggs — has sold more than 1,000 dozen eggs in the past year and the future looks even brighter.

“We want to have more dozens of eggs because we have people waiting for eggs,” said Andi, explaining that the business can’t keep up with demand.

Andi Ray holds one of her favourite silkie chickens, Snowball, which was bought at a bird sale in Weyburn. | Christalee Froese photo

They are starting to attract buyers from outside their local area — from Regina and Stoughton, for example — who are regular customers paying $3 per dozen.

The Ray kids have acquired several specialty breeds since starting their business, and have hatched many of their own chicks. The wide range of breeds account for the light green, blue and grey eggs produced.

Alex said he and his sister are saving all of their egg profits to build the playhouse of their dreams — one they’ve already designed the blueprints for.

For more information, visit the Facebook page Andi and Alex’s Farm Fresh Eggs.

Alex Ray, age 7, with one of the approximately 50 eggs he collects daily. | Christalee Froese photo

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