Daylynn Olliver attends a high school rodeo in Fort Qu’Appelle, Sask.  |  Christalee Froese photo

Teen aims for top of the horse world

Daylynn Olliver harbours big dreams: ‘I’ve always told myself I won’t go watch the Calgary Stampede unless I’m in it’

ODESSA Sask. — Her pre-school drawings were mostly of horses — the stick-leg kind. By the age of 10, she had read every book in the school library that had anything to do with horses. And now, at the age of 16, her main goal is to compete in the Canadian Finals Rodeo. She also […] Read more

Riley Kotylak, 24, and his mother, Janet Kotylak, planted an acre of corn on the family farm this spring as a COVID-19 project.  |  Christalee Froese photo

COVID project results in corn bounty

A mother and son duo worried at first that they had planted too much, but customers have not been in short supply

MONTMARTRE, Sask. — Staring out at the acre of land they were about to hand-seed with corn, Janet Kotylak and her son Riley both had the same thought. “Maybe we shouldn’t have done so much,” said Janet, explaining that, on paper, an acre of corn didn’t seem so daunting to plant by hand. “I was […] Read more

Three generations gather together to have supper in the field: Colleen Fink, left, Jaxon, Bryce, Alexis and Nicole Siwy and Lloyd Fink. | Christalee Froese photo

Supper in the field a harvest highlight

MONTMARTRE, Sask. — Supper in the field is a weekly highlight for this farm family during harvest. Lloyd and Colleen Fink, who have been farming for 36 years, make it a point to stop weekly with their daughter Nicole Siwy and her family: husband Bryce Siwy and kids Alexis, 8, Jaxon, 6 and Ava, 3. […] Read more

Erin Harris breeds all of her farm’s cows to Jersey bulls because she finds the breed preferable in terms of ease of handling.  |  Christalee Froese photo

Remote dairy farm grasps retail opportunities

On the Farm: Kootenay Meadows in the southern British Columbia interior finds markets for its cheese and bottled milk

CRESTON, B.C. — These dairy cows have it good. They graze on fresh organic grass every 12 hours. They are sheltered from blustery winds by a towering mountain range. They are milked on their own schedule. They don’t stand on concrete. And as newborn calves, they stay with their mothers for an extended period of […] Read more

The Rocky Mountains rise up in the distance as Hugh McLuckie, left, and Hadley, Logan, Edric and Lynette Van Steinburg walk through Saint Mary’s Prairie with four of the nine Border Collies they raise.  |  Christalee Froese photo

Family members gradually return to B.C. ranch

On the Farm: A ranch started in the 1950s is now home to three generations, raising Herefords and Border Collies

CRANBROOK, B.C. — Putting a fence post in the ground here isn’t easy. The bedrock that lies beneath most of the 10,400 acres of grazing land at Pine Butte Ranch is unforgiving, sometimes requiring A-frame posts to hold up the more than 80 kilometres of fence. When Ray and May Van Steinburg bought the dairy […] Read more

Kelly and Stacey Romanow can often be seen working together in their rural shop.  |  Christalee Froese photo

Welding is a family affair at this Sask. business

MONTMARTRE, Sask. — This welding shop once had more women than men at work. “Farmers would come to pick something up and they’d be so surprised. They’d say, ‘you got girls working here?’ ” said Kelly Romanow, owner of Romanow Industries. In the early days of this rural business, the entire Romanow family pitched in […] Read more

Ed Saffin of Cranbrook brings flowers to Laura Young, his favourite Kootenay Farm-to-Folk employee.  |  Christalee Froese photo

Farm-to-Folk more than just a business

Kootenay Farm-to-Folk customers follow the Facebook feed to be able to get fresh-picked produce as soon as it comes in.

CRANBROOK, B.C. — He enters the store with a bouquet of flowers in hand. His wife is there, but the flowers are not for her. They’re for store clerk Laura Young. “She treats me like royalty, so she deserves them,” says Ed Saffin as he sings the praises of the staff at Kootenay Farm-to-Folk, an […] Read more

Dave and Carolyn Wild have a herd of 40 goats, which they raise for meat and as pets.  |  Christalee Froese photo

Move to farm helped nurture a love of animals

On the Farm: Some of the couple’s more 
than 70 small animals are for meat and breeding stock and others are pets

ODESSA Sask. — At age 47, Carolyn Wild finally moved to a farm — the kind she’d been dreaming about her whole life. It had lots of room for peacocks, goats, chickens, donkeys, chinchillas, bunnies and guinea pigs. It also came with a wonderful husband. Dave Wild had been single since losing his wife to […] Read more

The Kyle family on their Tyvan farm: (left to right) Tanner, Kipton, Macy and mom Codee.  |  Christalee Froese photo

Farm operation provides home schooling too

On the Farm: The Kyle children are involved in various aspects of Country Road Concepts, an on-farm business

TYVAN, Sask. — It all started with the making of a quilt from old jeans. Upon the sale of that quilt, and a few more craft items, Country Road Concepts was born. Codee Kyle started her on-farm business in 2012 as a way to keep up with her love of crafting while raising her first […] Read more

Wendy Weichel has had to adapt to school at home. In addition to her Grade 2-3 class, she is also teaching her four children.  |  Christalee Froese photo

Rural teacher forced to shift gears

Wendy Weichel learns how to work from home as well as teach her own children after COVID-19 closed schools in Sask.

KENDAL, Sask. — It used to all start at 6 a.m. with a flurry of activity. Wendy Weichel would get her four kids out of bed and launch into busy days filled with a full-time teaching job, farm duties and a smorgasbord of after-school activities from hockey to volleyball to dance. The Grade 2-3 Montmartre […] Read more