The Kyle family on their Tyvan farm: (left to right) Tanner, Kipton, Macy and mom Codee.  |  Christalee Froese photo

Farm operation provides home schooling too

On the Farm: The Kyle children are involved in various aspects of Country Road Concepts, an on-farm business

TYVAN, Sask. — It all started with the making of a quilt from old jeans. Upon the sale of that quilt, and a few more craft items, Country Road Concepts was born. Codee Kyle started her on-farm business in 2012 as a way to keep up with her love of crafting while raising her first […] Read more

Kevin Lefsrud, who farms near Viking, Alta., started distilling honey as a way to find a creative outlet after retiring from the CFL because of concussions. | Section 35 photo

Producer finds fun outlet making honey liquor

On the Farm: Kevin Lefsrud needed a creative pastime after retiring from the Canadian Football League because of multiple concussions

VIKING, Alta. — When Kevin Lefsrud began coping with his concussion, he realized he needed a creative outlet to improve his mental health. He decided to distill honey, creating an array of uniquely flavoured alcohols through his company, Section 35. “Concussions are a very nasty thing,” he said, speaking in a telephone interview from his […] Read more

Tori, left, Jesse, Elise and Leah Coleman spend time in their barn on the morning a new batch of chicks arrive.  | Coralie Spratt photo

Broiler operation keeps Sask. couple farming

On the Farm: Chicken Farmers of Saskatchewan’s New Entrant Program helped the Colemans fulfill their dream

Elise Coleman’s daughters exhibit the same passion for raising livestock that she possessed at their age. Elise and her husband, Jesse, recently shipped out their third flock of broiler chickens. Each time a new batch of chicks arrives, she sees pure joy in the faces of five-year-old Tori and three-year-old Leah. “They are farm kids,” […] Read more

The Watson family’s 200-head cow herd and 150 yearlings graze for nine months of the year on 4,000 acres of land in parcels spread between Suffield, Dunmore, Elkwater, Manyberries and Seven Persons in southeastern Alberta.  |  Photos courtesy of Jolene Watson

Ranch family shares sense of responsibility

On the Farm: Wade and Jolene Watson shared a desire to own their own ranch and bought all their land themselves

SEVEN PERSONS, Alta. — It’s a family in which each member has followed their dreams and found success. Wade has always wanted to be involved in agriculture and be his own boss. Jolene fell in love with law enforcement and has always loved cattle. Sage, 25, is passionate about track and field, runs professionally for […] Read more

Logan, left, Jennifer, Emma, Liam and Brian Pearl on their Prairie Pearl’s Homestead near Admiral, Sask.  |  Karen Briere photo

Sheep anchor Sask. family’s diversity efforts

On the Farm: Brian and Jennifer Pearl believe in permaculture, a natural ecosystem of low inputs and no chemicals

ADMIRAL, Sask. — The fifth generation Pearl farm might look a lot like the first — chickens wandering the farm yard, pigs hunkered down in cool ground, sheep in the adjacent pasture and some still in the lambing barn. There are a couple of turkeys, 10 cows, newly planted fruit trees, and a large vegetable […] Read more

Landon Richardson, 6, along with brother, Nash, 1 and sister, Mackenzie, 9, live on a farm near Cormack on the west side of Newfoundland and Labrador. Their father, Ian, runs a dairy and beef operation on about 1,000 acres of farmland.  |  Submitted photo

Newfoundland strives for food self-sufficiency

On the Farm: A producer who grows crops on The Rock has learned the hard way how his province got its name

Ian Richardson knows why Newfoundland is called The Rock. Since moving to Cormack, N.L., about 20 years ago, Richardson has cleared about 700 acres of woodland and brought it into production. Most of the land is now used to grow forage, but Richardson spent an uncountable number of hours removing rocks and boulders from the […] Read more

Sasha Howland and her son, Nate, look for queen bees in a box of nucleus colonies as part of their process to replace stock.  |  Howland's Honey photo

Beekeeping changes focus for Sask. couple

On the Farm: A passion for bees brought them together, but growth has turned the honey operation into big business

GOOD SPIRIT ACRES, Sask. — Bees helped sweeten the deal that brought a young couple together. Sasha Howland and Danny Wasylenchuk both grew up in Yorkton and had summer jobs working with bees. It led to their marriage, family and successful honey business. Apiculture was not part of the original plan for either Howland or […] Read more

Petrofka Orchard includes two apple orchards, another 600 replacement apple trees in a nursery, a retail storefront and café and a fully equipped processing facility.  |  Petrofka Orchard photo

Prairie farm proves viability of apple orchards

On the Farm: Petrofka Orchard features 1,500 mature apple trees on 45 acres overlooking North Saskatchewan River

If you’ve ever driven north of Saskatoon toward the rural community of Blaine Lake, Sask., then there’s a good chance you’ve driven past the small piece of paradise that Diana Fedosoff calls home. The Petrofka Orchard, located about 55 kilometres north of Saskatoon, consists of 46 acres of picturesque land overlooking the North Saskatchewan River. […] Read more

Jayden, left, Calvin, Louise, Jamin and Paige Sargeant farm 2,600 acres of rented and owned land and also raise horses and Simmental cross cows.  |  Sargeant family photo

Farmer convinced ‘this is the best place to be’

On the Farm: Couple considers themselves fortunate to be able to work with their two sons and daughter-in-law

RIMBEY, Alta. — “With the way things are right now, I’m glad I’m a farmer,” says Calvin Sargeant during a phone interview from his rural central Alberta home. He’s referring to the COVID-19 pandemic. Whole countries are closing up shop on non-essential services and requesting, sometimes demanding, that people stay home. Many workers have no […] Read more

Amber and Steve Kenyon operate Greener Pastures Ranching, a custom grazing business in the Busby, Alta., area. Their mission is to always learn and have the farm be sustainable for future generations. | Submitted photo

Alberta custom graziers aim to always evolve

On the Farm: Amber and Steve Kenyon plan to never give up learning, even if it means moving elsewhere in the future

BUSBY, Alta. — One of Amber and Steve Kenyon’s missions is to never stop learning. The couple has always looked to improve their custom grazing operation, Greener Pastures Ranching, by managing the soil, forage and through grazing concepts. Steve said it’s important that the business remains profitable and sustainable for future generations. “There is always […] Read more