The Stevenson family enjoys harvesting solar energy at home on the farm: Allyson, her twin 14-year-old daughters, Isabelle and Chloe, and husband, Tyler.  |  William DeKay photo

Solar energy helps power Sask. grain farm

On the Farm: The family say two lines of solar panels have reduced their quarterly electricity bill to $40 from $1,200

ETHELTON, Sask. — Harvest never ends on the Stevenson farm. Once they’ve got crops from their 2,400-acre grain farm in the bins, they continue to harvest solar energy. Tucked into the backyard, behind the garage and equipment shed, sit two lines of solar panels that gather light and energy from the sun. Tyler and Allyson […] Read more

Cain Quam speaks to riders at one of his horsemanship clinics.  |  Christalee Froese photo

Obstacles no match for horse training family

On the Farm: Broken ankle the latest setback for Roberta and Cain Quam, but they ‘would not trade it for anything’

KENDAL, Sask. — Obstacles have never stood in the way of success for the Quams and they’ve had their share of them. Challenges for the horse-training couple have come in the form of economic fluctuations in the horse industry, a devastating fire in 2009, their oldest daughter’s serious horse accident and now COVID-19, paired with […] Read more

The end result is in the bag for the Muirhead family and their crew at Against the Grain Organic Wild Rice.  |  Supplied photo

Wild rice business takes family for wild ride

On the Farm: Harvesting the crop from northern Saskatchewan lakes relies on the weather and comes with highs and lows

Larissa Muirhead has witnessed the wild side of the wild rice business. The venture started off with a bang in 2015 and 2016 when her family agreed to a share-cropping arrangement with the previous owner of the operation on Meeyomoot Lake in northern Saskatchewan. “They were the highest producing years in wild rice history,” she […] Read more

Doug McGillivray, left, Lois McGillivray, Catherine McGillivray, and Carlos Quiroz on their Prairie Sod Farm south of Regina.  |  Karen Briere photo

VIDEO: Second generation prepares to run sod farm

On the Farm: The installation of an irrigation pivot made the business possible and a building boom helped it take off

It makes sense that land once covered in grass would produce good grass. Doug and Lois McGillivray took that chance in the 1990s to add value to their farm south of Regina, establishing a 500-acre sod farm amid their grain and oilseeds operation. They are now transitioning the successful Prairie Sod Farm to their oldest […] Read more

Mark and Brenda Visscher moved back to the central Alberta farm where Mark was raised and now have a market garden, specializing in garlic. They’ve sold out of the versatile cooking ingredient every year, even while continuously increasing the number of cloves that they plant. Social media, specifically Facebook, has helped to get the word out, and the demand continues to rise.  |  Maria Johnson photo

Garlic growers have no trouble selling crop

On the Farm: Alberta couple has increased what they plant every year since 2016 and social media takes care of the rest

JOFFRE, Alta. — In 2012, after years of living in Lacombe, Alta., and running several businesses, Mark and Brenda Visscher moved back to the farm where he was raised. They live on 4 1/2 acres of land that has been subdivided from the original base where Mark’s parents operated a mixed farm starting in the […] Read more

Colin, left, Maya, Aspen and Jaclyn Smith stand in the cool shaded space between rows of hops. Each plant is strung from a trellis system made using 19 foot T-shaped steel poles. These poles are unique because most hop growers around the world use a traditional wood system.  |  Maria Johnson photo

Family creates inroads to fledgling hops sector

RED DEER, Alta. — Through the spring and summer of 2018, curious drivers stopped almost daily to investigate the high steel pole and trellis structures set up alongside the road in central Alberta. “Some people thought we were setting up a bird sanctuary.… They were waiting to see the nets. Other people thought it was […] Read more

The King family of Corning, Sask., have been raising award-winning quarter horses for more than half a century. Four generations of the family are surrounded by some of their mares and foals at their Diamond K ranch.  |  William DeKay photo

Sask. horse ranching family is born to ride

On the Farm: Horses produced by the King family are used for ranches, rodeos, trick riding, equine events and pets

CORNING, Sask. — John King can’t put a number on how many horses he’s ridden over the years, but it’s a lot. “I was training my first horse when I was nine years old. I rode a lot of colts to begin with from the time I was old enough for Dad to throw me […] Read more

Kerri Giesbrecht kneels beside a row of colourful chard in her U-pick garden near Bawlf, Alta.  |  Mary MacArthur photo

U-pick market garden focuses on education

On the Farm: Customers learn how to pick a cucumber and receive favourite recipes and tutorials in preserving food

Bawlf, Alta. — If children, parents and customers leave Lil Ryley Farms knowing a bit more about agriculture and food, that’s a win, says owner Kerri Giesbrecht. “We are about education,” Giesbrecht said about her family’s U-pick market garden, farm store and event farm. “When we made the move, we made it public about our […] Read more

Erin Harris breeds all of her farm’s cows to Jersey bulls because she finds the breed preferable in terms of ease of handling.  |  Christalee Froese photo

Remote dairy farm grasps retail opportunities

On the Farm: Kootenay Meadows in the southern British Columbia interior finds markets for its cheese and bottled milk

CRESTON, B.C. — These dairy cows have it good. They graze on fresh organic grass every 12 hours. They are sheltered from blustery winds by a towering mountain range. They are milked on their own schedule. They don’t stand on concrete. And as newborn calves, they stay with their mothers for an extended period of […] Read more

The Rocky Mountains rise up in the distance as Hugh McLuckie, left, and Hadley, Logan, Edric and Lynette Van Steinburg walk through Saint Mary’s Prairie with four of the nine Border Collies they raise.  |  Christalee Froese photo

Family members gradually return to B.C. ranch

On the Farm: A ranch started in the 1950s is now home to three generations, raising Herefords and Border Collies

CRANBROOK, B.C. — Putting a fence post in the ground here isn’t easy. The bedrock that lies beneath most of the 10,400 acres of grazing land at Pine Butte Ranch is unforgiving, sometimes requiring A-frame posts to hold up the more than 80 kilometres of fence. When Ray and May Van Steinburg bought the dairy […] Read more