Payton Molnar of Melville has established her own bison herd, following in her family's footsteps. | Karen Briere photo

Young bison producer has deep roots

MELVILLE, Sask. — There was no question what Payton Molnar would do once she finished high school. Growing up in a family of bison ranchers, her career path was likely set before she was born. She bought her first 12 females in 2015 and now, at 21, she is one of the youngest bison producers […] Read more

WP “NoCOZone” stories

There’s a great deal of news coverage of the current #COVID-19 pandemic. You won’t find any of that here. For your enjoyment we’ve pulled together some of our favourite stories from past months and years that feature you, our readers. Stories of your life “on the farm.” It’s our hope these stories will distract you, […] Read more

Jason Basset farms about 2,500 acres near Peterson, Sask., and is the owner of Peterson Grain Processors Ltd., a custom grain cleaning and conditioning service located about 70 kilometres east of Saskatoon. Basset’s Bo-Mill seed sorter can sort grain according to different quality parameters, including protein and vomitoxin levels.  |  Brian Cross photo

Sask. farmer happy that flood years in past

On the Farm: Nearly a third of cultivated acres on farm near Peterson, Sask., lost over a five-year period

Slowly but surely, Saskatchewan farmer Jason Basset is reclaiming the farmland that he lost during “the wet years.” Between 2010 and 2014, Basset’s farm, located an hour’s drive east of Saskatoon, was swamped by excess rainfall. In 2010 alone, the area received more than 40 inches of rain, ranking it as the wettest year in […] Read more

Caleb, Cassidy and Cayde Clark make their way back to the barn after a ride on the ranch.  |  Barb Glen photo

Children inherit parents’ passion for livestock

On the Farm: Shelley Clark is the third generation of her family to live and work on this southwestern Alberta ranch

PINCHER CREEK, Alta. — There are bears in the Clark living room. Each has attempted a break-in of the ranch house at one time or another so each has met its demise. Shelley Clark recounts the incidents with a matter-of-fact attitude developed over years of co-existing with wildlife and livestock on the ranch in southern […] Read more

Chelsea, left, Lainey, Calla, Raulan and Dan Erlandson enjoy their homemade hockey rink at Spring Creek Garden north of Outlook, Sask.  |  William DeKay photo

Early garden patch grows into vegetable farm

On the Farm: Spring Creek Market has grown to 245 acres and is the biggest mixed vegetable producer in the province

OUTLOOK, Sask. — Dan Erlandson remembers when he became a farmer. He was 16 and he started a small vegetable garden on his parent’s farm to earn a little money and feed his entrepreneurial dreams. Now at 34, it makes sense that farming was always in his blood. “I probably couldn’t articulate it back then […] Read more

Partners in Doef’s Greenhouses Ltd. include founder Joe Doef, left, Eric Doef, head grower in charge of planning and communication, Paul Doef, labour manager who also does payroll, and Phil Visscher, who handles maintenance, fertigation and accounts payable. They meet regularly and work together to manage issues and make important decisions. | Maria Johnson photo

Dream came true for Alta. greenhouse operator

On the Farm: Expansion is still in the cards for this greenhouse, more than 50 years after a young immigrant arrived in Canada

LACOMBE, Alta. — Joe Doef grew up in the horticulture industry in the Netherlands and knew early on that he wanted to continue on the garden management path. His subconscious agreed. “I had a dream that I was living in a house surrounded by greenhouses,” he says. “I was not yet 16.” In 1969, at […] Read more

Brad Boot watches as his wife, Ashley, fills a bag with einkorn, which she sells at the Saskatoon Farmers Market.  |  Sean Pratt photo

Farm takes different approach to soil fertility

On the Farm: Producer adds calcium and reduces glyphosate while growing a variety of crops, including ancient einkorn

OUTLOOK, Sask. — Brad Boot noticed a difference between dairy cows in central Saskatchewan and those in southern Alberta. When he was 14 his father sold his dairy in Fort Macleod, Alta., and bought one three times the size near Outlook, Sask. The Saskatchewan dairy cattle were more prone to disease. They appeared to have […] Read more

Brett Halstead, right, and his son, Shane, run a 4,100 acre grain farm near Nokomis, Sask. Brett’s name is well known among prairie farmers, having served eight years on the Saskatchewan Canola Development Commission and recently named chair of the Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission.  |  Brian Cross photo

Work in the boardroom contributes to the farm

On the Farm: Sask. grain producer switches gears as he moves from canola politics to the wheat side of the industry

Nokomis, Sask. – Saskatchewan farmer Brett Halstead entered 2020 with a new position and a new focus. After representing the interests of prairie canola growers for nearly a decade, Halstead recently assumed duties as chair of the Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission (SaskWheat). Over the years, Halstead has spent plenty of time representing grower interests at […] Read more

Lianna, left, Sterling, Dane, Lynne and Spencer Hilton have expanded their farm to become a grain-to-glass operation.  |  Meleah Geeraert photo

Barley growers take grain-to-glass approach

On the Farm: Hilton Ventures and Origins Malting and Brewing Co. in Alberta has embraced innovation for decades

STRATHMORE, Alta. — The Hilton family farm has always been about change, seizing on numerous innovations over the years to expand their business. The southern Alberta farm has evolved into a grain-to-glass operation, meaning it bottles beer made from its own malt barley, and also sells barley to a buyer in the United States “It’s […] Read more

Lesley Kelly, seen here with sons Jennings and Copeland, is a founding member of Do More Ag and was recently elected to the board of the Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission. She and her husband, Matt, returned to Saskatchewan almost 10 years ago to become partners in her family’s grain farm.  |  photo courtesy of Lesley Kelly

Return to family farm life-changing experience

On the Farm: Lesley and Matt Kelly left good jobs in Alberta to become partners in a Saskatchewan grain operation

For Lesley Kelly, the decision to leave a stable job in Alberta’s financial sector and return to Saskatchewan to pursue a career in farming wasn’t easy. But today, she and her husband, Matt, can’t imagine a more rewarding lifestyle. “I absolutely love living in a small town and working with family,” said Lesley. “To me, […] Read more