Tara Boshell and John Arnold harvest oranges from their Showcase of Citrus farm in Clermont, Florida.  |  Sean Pratt photo

Florida operation is not just an orange farm

CLERMONT, Fla. — Getting directions to a farm usually involves the mention of some kind of landmark, like a red barn or a church. If you’re looking for the ShowCase of Citrus farm, the landmark is a life-sized, plastic, great white shark hanging from a rope next to a pond. That is the first clue […] Read more

Les Ferris has amassed a collection of hundreds of curling pins from the Brier and world curling championships. He mounts a portion of the collection on the ceiling of his basement.  |  Robert Arnason photo

Man. family survived tough times

On the Farm: Crushing debt made expansion difficult for the Ferrises, but this year they mark 140 years on the farm

HOLLAND, Man. — The national men’s curling championship was held in Brandon last week. Most Canadians know the event as the Brier, but few likely know why it’s called that. Les Ferris is not like most Canadians. He knows exactly why, and has evidence to prove it. Sitting on a kitchen chair inside his farmhouse […] Read more

Bev and Cam Goff grow cereals and oilseeds on their dryland farm northeast of Hanley, Sask. Cam’s name is well-known to those who follow farm politics. Over the years, he served as a board member with various farm organizations, including the Canadian Wheat Board, the Saskatchewan Barley Development Commission and the National Farmers Union.  |  Brian Cross photo

Hard work, co-operation build rural lifestyle

On the Farm: Cam Goff and his brothers share farm equipment and help each other out during the busy seasons

Cam Goff has been involved in farming for his entire life. Growing up, he helped out on the family farm, northeast of Hanley, Sask., along with four siblings — two brothers and two sisters. Before he turned 20, he bought a half section of land from his father and he’s been farming ever since. “There’s […] Read more

The ter Borghs recently installed a rotary milking system, which can milk 250 to 270 cows per hour.  |  Riekje ter Borgh photo

Alta. dairy farm innovates its way to success

On the Farm: The ter Borgh family believes in adopting new technology but says supply management is also crucial

CALMAR, Alta. — The ter Borgh family continues to evolve, adopting newer technologies on their dairy farm to make tasks easier. The family recently installed a rotary milking system, a merry-go-round-like structure that can milk 250 to 270 cows per hour. Without it, milking would’ve taken about six hours, said Johan ter Borgh. “There would […] Read more

Trudie and Jac Theelen prepare tulips for market. Jac gathers 10 stem bundles and Trudie wraps each in a plastic sleeve. The flowers are then conditioned by standing in water to ready them for market.  |  Maria Johnson photo

Tulip farm offers signs of spring in winter

On the Farm: Jac and Trudie Theelen import bulbs from the Netherlands and grow them into budding flowers

RED DEER — It’s a frigid white world out there. Leafless trees border snow-covered hills and fields. Nature seems at a standstill. So the warmth, colour and earthy aroma of new growth that permeates the air at Jac and Trudie Theelen’s Tulip Farm offers a welcome surprise. The couple is in the business of flowers. […] Read more

Jed and Kathy Williams, leafcutter bee and alfalfa seed producers from Imperial, Sask., stand in their warehouse that contains 9,000 nesting boards filled with bee larvae. This winter, the couple will extract more than 100 million larvae, which will be packaged and sold or incubated and used as pollinators on the Williams farm.  |  Brian Cross photo

Seed farm built on hard work, perseverance

On the Farm: Sask. couple weathers downturn in alfalfa seed business while expanding their leafcutter bee operation

IMPERIAL, Sask. — Selling products into a niche agriculture market is often about risk and reward. The rewards are obvious when market conditions are favourable and the risks become evident  when supply and demand fundamentals take a turn in the wrong direction. Alfalfa seed and leafcutter bee producers Jed and Kathy Williams from Imperial, Sask., […] Read more

Bob and Norma Watson have lived and ranched in the Qu’Appelle Valley north of Wolseley, Sask., since 1961. | Karen Briere photo

Couple brought together by horses

On the Farm: Bob and Norma Watson have been raising cattle in Saskatchewan’s Qu’Appelle Valley since 1961

WOLSELEY, Sask. — At 88 and 86, respectively, Bob and Norma Watson have no intention of leaving their farm home in Saskatchewan’s Qu’Appelle Valley. It says “farmer” on their tax forms, observes Norma, and what else would they do? They established Steel Thorn Farm in 1961, four years after they married, and cattle, horses and […] Read more

Rick Neville and one of his grandchildren keep an eye on the family’s sheep flock.  |  Neville family photo

Alberta sheep ranch focuses on grazing

On the Farm: Rick and Marilyn Neville are major advocates for using sheep to manage pasture, but it must have a goal

LUNDBRECK, Alta. — After spending many summers grazing sheep in many pastures, the shepherds have come home to their own flock. Marilyn and Rick Neville have a quarter section of land and 70 Suffolk-cross ewes along Todd Creek, in the shadow of the Livingstone Range. They’ve lived here since 1979 when they decided to buy […] Read more

Milking the 70 cows at the Lovich farm near Balgonie, Sask., is a family affair as Renelle, 7, Raelyn, 4 and Reata, 9, run into the arms of their parents, Jessica and Michael.  |  William DeKay photo

Dairy couple work well as a team

On the Farm: Jessica and Michael Lovich ‘play off each other’s strengths and weaknesses’ as they build their dairy farm

BALGONIE, Sask. — Jessica and Michael Lovich laugh when they remember the day their three young daughters defined their farm roles when they grow up. “They decided when they get bigger, the oldest one (Reata) will be the farm veterinarian because she’s into pets and animals,” Jessica said with a smile. “The middle one (Renelle) […] Read more

The Hamill family, which run Red Shed Malting on their farm near Penhold, Alta., now includes three generations: Matt, left, John, Susie, Daelyn, Joe and two-year-old Isabella. They are standing in front of the company’s malt roaster.  |  Maria Johnson photo

Alta. family malts, markets their own barley

On the Farm: The Hamills’ decision to get into the malting and marketing of barley took them half way around the world

PENHOLD, Alta. — The Hamill family are accustomed to taking risks. After all, they’re farmers. So when they made the decision to tap into Alberta’s burgeoning craft beer scene by malting and marketing their own barley, they knew there were no guarantees. Little did they know that their “barley to bottle” journey would take them […] Read more