Saskatchewan farmer Terry Youzwa and his son, Zak, have never shied away from public life. Zachary, a fourth generation farmer, is president of the local Kinsmen branch and serves as a councillor with the Rural Municipality of of Nipawin.  |  Brian Cross photo

Sask. farm welcomes back fourth generation

On the Farm: Terry Youzwa has sat on a variety of boards over the years and his son is following in his footsteps

Saskatchewan farmer Terry Youzwa has never been the type of person to sit on the sidelines and criticize. “If you’ve got something to contribute, stick up your hand and get involved,” says Youzwa, who grows cereals and oilseeds on a medium-sized farm near Nipawin, Sask. “There aren’t enough people willing to step up. We need […] Read more

Brett Schuyler checks new apples that are just starting to appear in the orchards.  |  Barbara Duckworth photo

Sheep and fruit work well on Ontario farm

On the Farm: The Schuylers raise sheep, maintains apple and cherry orchards and grows, corn, soybeans and wheat

SIMCOE, Ont. — When farmers are told they have a good story to tell, a prime example may be found at Simcoe, Ont. Schuyler Farms is a diversified livestock, crop and fruit farm owned by brothers Marshall and Drew and Marshall’s sons Brett and Ryan. They grow about 3,000 acres of corn, soybeans and wheat, […] Read more

Lester, Laura and Royce Lodoen focus on sheep these days on their farm near Fox Valley, Sask. | Karen Briere photo

Sask. farm family has history of innovation

On the Farm: Vestiges of innovation and experimentation can still be seen on the farm, which was founded in 1924

FOX VALLEY, Sask. — There are two constants at the Lodoen farm: change and innovation. Since Ben Lodoen homesteaded the land with his brother, establishing their farm in 1924 even before the nearby town of Fox Valley sprang up, there have been all types of enterprises on this land. Grain, horses, cows, pigs and chickens […] Read more

Seeding keeps Stephen, Adam and Derek Schraefel busy on the family farm south of Kerrobert, Sask. |  William DeKay photo

Organic-raised brothers take over family farm

An accident with farm chemicals prompted Clem and Chandra Schraefel to go organic when their sons were very young

The Schraefel brothers have never experienced conventional agriculture, which suits them just fine. The 20-something lads — Adam, Stephen and Derek — are taking hold of the reins of the 5,200 acre organic operation from parents Clem and Chandra Schraefel near Kerrobert, Sask. “They have never run a sprayer or had to put fertilizer in […] Read more

Blanche, a fainting goat, insists on being part of the picture as Holly White and Kent Sereda examine a canola field near their home at Rolling Hills, Alta.  |  Barb Glen photo

Alta. couple believes in industry involvement

On the Farm: Holly White and Kent Sereda sit on agricultural boards and take management and leadership courses

ROLLING HILLS, Alta. — Holly White and Kent Sereda met on a blind date but they’ve had a clear vision about their farm’s future ever since. They grow seed canola, black beans and navy beans under contract, as well as wheat, corn and tall fescue, on their 2,300-acre farm a few kilometres east of Rolling […] Read more

Stephen, left, Hayes, Kett and Nicole Poburan at home on their farm. | Maria Johnson photo

Choosing a rural lifestyle, for the family’s sake

On the Farm: Research into holistic nutrition convinced the Poburans that they wanted 
to grow their own food

SPRUCE VIEW, Alta. — Stephen and Nicole Poburan have made a deliberate decision to raise their family on the farm so that they can give their two young sons, Hayes, 5, and Kett, 19 months, a lifestyle the city just can’t provide. On their home at 4Acres Farm they raise Nigerian dwarf goats and kunekune […] Read more

Josh Lade studied agronomy in Adelaide and spent several years farming in South Australia before moving to Saskatchewan to become a partner on a prairie grain farm.  |  Brian Cross photo

Aussie farmer jumped on Sask. opportunity

On the Farm: Josh Lade says goodwill and good luck made it possible for him to follow his dreams to Canada

WARMAN, Sask. — You can never be exactly sure what life has in store for you. Just ask Josh Lade, a transplanted Australian who lives in Warman, just north of Saskatoon. Ten years ago, Lade was growing potatoes, raising livestock and helping to run the family farm on Kangaroo Island, about 100 kilometres southwest of […] Read more

Janelle Herbert holds a strawberry plant in a basket in Riverbend Gardens’ greenhouse.  |  Jeremy Simes photo

Market vegetable farm thrives in Alberta

On the Farm: Riverbend Gardens grows roughly 45 acres of vegetables with close access to urban consumers

Janelle and Aaron Herbert have what they call the perfect storm for growing vegetables in Alberta. Their farm, Riverbend Gardens, is situated in an agricultural zone within City of Edmonton limits, giving them close access to urban consumers who demand local products. They are also lower in altitude, right beside the North Saskatchewan River, allowing […] Read more

The Sunnyside Dairy farm near Martensville, Sask., has branched out and added a creamery to the operation. It took about one year to obtain a permit from the province to operate the creamery.  |  Sean Pratt photo

Dairy capitalizes on farm-fresh trend

On the Farm: A Saskatchewan couple allows customers to buy fresh milk from a vending machine on their farm

MARTENSVILLE, Sask. — Monday wasn’t the explosive product launch Bas Froese-Kooijenga was hoping for. A hose carrying milk from the dairy to the creamery burst mere hours before customers showed up at Sunnyside Dairy to sample farm-fresh milk from the farm’s newly installed vending machine. The windows on the dairy instantaneously turned white and so […] Read more

The Appelmans keep horses for pleasure riding as well as working with their cattle. They intend to train the Norwegian Fjords to do some riding in the mountains.  |  Maria Johnson photo

Central Alberta operation receives an A for diversity

On the Farm: Angus, Appaloosas and Alaskan husky sled dogs are the name of the game at the Appelman place near Westerose, Alta.

WESTEROSE, Alta. — They call it the A Farm — and for good reason. Hans and Jolanda Appelmans raise Angus cattle, ride spotted Appaloosas and race Alaskan husky sled dogs. However, the farm is not exclusive to animals starting with “A” nor is it exclusively agriculture. The mature Angus cows are bred to a Simmental […] Read more