Josh Lade studied agronomy in Adelaide and spent several years farming in South Australia before moving to Saskatchewan to become a partner on a prairie grain farm.  |  Brian Cross photo

Aussie farmer jumped on Sask. opportunity

On the Farm: Josh Lade says goodwill and good luck made it possible for him to follow his dreams to Canada

WARMAN, Sask. — You can never be exactly sure what life has in store for you. Just ask Josh Lade, a transplanted Australian who lives in Warman, just north of Saskatoon. Ten years ago, Lade was growing potatoes, raising livestock and helping to run the family farm on Kangaroo Island, about 100 kilometres southwest of […] Read more

Janelle Herbert holds a strawberry plant in a basket in Riverbend Gardens’ greenhouse.  |  Jeremy Simes photo

Market vegetable farm thrives in Alberta

On the Farm: Riverbend Gardens grows roughly 45 acres of vegetables with close access to urban consumers

Janelle and Aaron Herbert have what they call the perfect storm for growing vegetables in Alberta. Their farm, Riverbend Gardens, is situated in an agricultural zone within City of Edmonton limits, giving them close access to urban consumers who demand local products. They are also lower in altitude, right beside the North Saskatchewan River, allowing […] Read more

The Sunnyside Dairy farm near Martensville, Sask., has branched out and added a creamery to the operation. It took about one year to obtain a permit from the province to operate the creamery.  |  Sean Pratt photo

Dairy capitalizes on farm-fresh trend

On the Farm: A Saskatchewan couple allows customers to buy fresh milk from a vending machine on their farm

MARTENSVILLE, Sask. — Monday wasn’t the explosive product launch Bas Froese-Kooijenga was hoping for. A hose carrying milk from the dairy to the creamery burst mere hours before customers showed up at Sunnyside Dairy to sample farm-fresh milk from the farm’s newly installed vending machine. The windows on the dairy instantaneously turned white and so […] Read more

The Appelmans keep horses for pleasure riding as well as working with their cattle. They intend to train the Norwegian Fjords to do some riding in the mountains.  |  Maria Johnson photo

Central Alberta operation receives an A for diversity

On the Farm: Angus, Appaloosas and Alaskan husky sled dogs are the name of the game at the Appelman place near Westerose, Alta.

WESTEROSE, Alta. — They call it the A Farm — and for good reason. Hans and Jolanda Appelmans raise Angus cattle, ride spotted Appaloosas and race Alaskan husky sled dogs. However, the farm is not exclusive to animals starting with “A” nor is it exclusively agriculture. The mature Angus cows are bred to a Simmental […] Read more

Ashley and Ryan Kattler, with son Flint and daughter Summer, farm south of Indian Head, Sask. | Karen Briere photo

Sask. couple share a passion for livestock

On the Farm: Ryan and Ashley Kattler raise cattle and goats as well as build portable panels and livestock equipment

INDIAN HEAD, Sask. — Ryan and Ashley Kattler could probably best be described as go-getters. Or maybe they just don’t sleep much. They started their farm in 2007, on their own, buying four quarters just months after they met. Since then, they’ve built Deep Lake Land and Livestock into a larger operation with more land, […] Read more

Grain farmer Jim Wickett from Rosetown, Sask., will plant about 3,100 acres this year, including spring wheat, red lentils, flax and barley. Durum was grown regularly until a few years ago, when fusarium pressure prompted Wickett to switch to red spring wheat.  |   Brian Cross photo

Prairie farming: ‘a lifetime apprenticeship’

On the Farm: West-central Sask. farmer says he faces many challenges but enjoys learning something new every day

Making a living as a grain farmer in west-central Saskatchewan can be a challenging and stressful occupation. Between weather problems, disease pressures, insects, market disruptions, transportation issues, rising production costs and activism by consumer groups and environmentalists, the list of factors conspiring against the prairie farmer can sometimes seem endless. Yet Jim Wickett has no […] Read more

Andrew and Denise Mans operate Mans Organics with Andrew’s parents, Henk and Rita. The couple have five children: Natalie, 2, and Nicholas, 5, are shown here. In school on this day were Kari, 10, Markus, 8, and Curtis, 7.  |  Barb Glen photo

Alta. greenhouse embraces organic

On the Farm: Denise and Andrew Mans run their operation so that it emphasizes health, tradition and family

COALDALE, Alta. — Nature and nurture are both fully employed at the Mans Organics greenhouse and farm north of this southern Alberta town. In the 45,000 sq. foot greenhouse and on the 100-acre irrigated farm, soil health, plant health and the interaction of insects, fungi and water are closely watched. “We’re just a tiny farm […] Read more

Karl Schiffer of U & K Greenhouses near Indian Head, Sask., fertilizes and waters geraniums while his wife, Ursula, pinches begonias. Outside temperatures on this day were -20 C, while temperatures inside the greenhouse were 30 C with about 80 percent humidity.  |  William DeKay photo

Sask. couple roots farm business from home

On the Farm: U & K Greenhouses is a roadside operation with eight greenhouses equalling 21,000 sq. feet under glass

INDIAN HEAD, Sask. — Ursula and Karl Schiffer walk 20 metres out their front door for their hot holiday. “We don’t have to go to Mexico. We’ve got our tropical climate right here. We just need some sand and a little pool and we can pretend we’re there,” said Karl jokingly. The couple own and […] Read more

Tara Boshell and John Arnold harvest oranges from their Showcase of Citrus farm in Clermont, Florida.  |  Sean Pratt photo

Florida operation is not just an orange farm

CLERMONT, Fla. — Getting directions to a farm usually involves the mention of some kind of landmark, like a red barn or a church. If you’re looking for the ShowCase of Citrus farm, the landmark is a life-sized, plastic, great white shark hanging from a rope next to a pond. That is the first clue […] Read more

Les Ferris has amassed a collection of hundreds of curling pins from the Brier and world curling championships. He mounts a portion of the collection on the ceiling of his basement.  |  Robert Arnason photo

Man. family survived tough times

On the Farm: Crushing debt made expansion difficult for the Ferrises, but this year they mark 140 years on the farm

HOLLAND, Man. — The national men’s curling championship was held in Brandon last week. Most Canadians know the event as the Brier, but few likely know why it’s called that. Les Ferris is not like most Canadians. He knows exactly why, and has evidence to prove it. Sitting on a kitchen chair inside his farmhouse […] Read more