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New Holland tweaks latest class of combines

RED DEER — New Holland has a 700 horsepower combine coming off of its 2018 production line, the CR10.90 Revelation.

There are updates common to all classes of the Revelation model combines, but only the largest CR10.90 series will receive a bump in horsepower.

“The Class 10 combine does get a power bump for model year 18. Prior to 18, the horsepower in the 10.9 was 600 rated h.p., peaking out at 653. That changes for model year 18. It is going to get 640 rated and peak out at 700 h.p.,” John Thompson of New Holland said during Agri-Trade in Red Deer.

The CR10.90 is the most powerful combine on the market that already holds the world record for the most wheat harvested within eight hours — and that was before receiving a 50 h.p. boost.

The Revelation series of combines offer enhancements over the previous Elevation series, including adjustable rotor vanes controlled from within the cab while on the go, which the company dubbed Dynamic Flow Control.

Operators now have another setting they can choose to use to enhance separating, and New Holland claims the adjustable rotor veins enable higher productivity and can reduce power consumption by up to 20 percent.

“The in-cab adjustable veins have been added to the rotor tunnel for improved crop flow. It will also allow the operator to slow down crop flow in tough threshing conditions to be able to properly thresh the grain,” Thompson said.

Dynamic Flow Control is powered by electric actuators and is available as an option on the three 22 inch models at the top of the Revelation series range.

The optional Dynamic Feed Roll, a beater that helps transfer the crop mat from the feeder house to the rotors, has also been updated.

“The Dynamic Feed Roll has been changed to have a deep serration to give it more capacity, thus decreasing the amount of power needed to run it,” Thompson said.

The new in-cab concave reset will help reduce downtime after a wad of crop plugs the combine’s rotors.

“A big change that has been made is the concave shear pin has been replaced with an in-cab resettable device that is spring loaded, decreasing downtime from 30 minutes to under two minutes,” Thompson said.

With the concave reset mechanism, operators will no longer need to find a grain truck to dump the grain and another person to help change the shear pin.

“When the concave falls down, the mechanisms will pull away. Then you would just run the motor and it would just go down and grab them and pull them back up again.”

An option for the CR10.90, called TwinPitch Plus rotors, has three inch rasp bars that New Holland claims provide the combine 38 h.p. of efficiency gain versus conventional rotors.

The Revelation paint scheme has been changed, including adding more New Holland yellow to inside and underneath the grain tank, to the beater grate, the rotor frame, and to the grain pan inside the combine.

“There’s more yellow on the side of the machine for better visibility for service work,” Thompson said.

“It makes it easier to see condition of your belts and to spot oil leaks and generally easier to work on.”

There is a new feeder chain for all Revelation combines that has an evenly staggered slot that increases the service life of the feeder chain.

A new chaff spreader on the CR combine is capable of spreading chaff up to 45 feet and is in-cab adjustable.

“With the in-cab adjust, you have the ability to change the direction of the chaff. For example, if you have a side wind you can pitch it more into the wind to keep your spread pattern even,” Thompson said.

The chopper has also been changed.

“We have increased the speed of it to be able to chop the straw finer. The drum was reinforced to be able to do that, and there is longer stationary knives installed to go deeper into the chop,” Thompson said.

The 2018 Revelation combine is available to order for spring delivery.

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