Horsch un-supersizes air cart for smaller farms

Horsch is offering a smaller version of its 1,000 bushel air cart.

“All that has basically changed is we’ve taken one 250 bushel tank off,” company spokesperson Tyler Billay said of the SW 750 cart.

“We have the same options on both machines: conveyors, augers, canola tanks, things like that. Just a smaller size.”

The SW 750 has three 250 bu. tanks and an optional 60 bu. tank for small volume commodities such as canola and inoculants.

Billay said the smaller cart would fit well with farms that do not need to apply the large volume of product that the larger cart can handle.

“A 1,000 bushel cart for a lot of guys is way too much for the farm, and it doesn’t match the rest of their operation,” Billay said.

“You can tie this cart behind any drill on the market.”

Product from the three tanks can be placed into either of the cart’s two air streams.

“You can run two tanks into one air stream, one into the other, flip them around, whichever combination works best. Or all three into the same air stream, however you need it fit your farm.”

Having one axle under the air cart allows it to be manoeuvreable for its size, but putting all of the machine’s weight on one axle makes it more difficult to distribute its weight.

Billay said the tracks option will help reduce compaction, but he was unsure what kind of ground pressure would be produced by a loaded cart.

Dual 710/70R38 tires come standard with the cart, but it can also be equipped with 36 inch tracks. There is also a choice between a 10 inch auger or 16 inch conveyor.

Cables don’t have to be run to the tractor cab because the cart is compatible with ISOBUS and Raven Electronics.

Product is metered by an electric motor driven unit. There is also an option to add a Raven metering system that is powered hydraulically.

“It’s all ISO electronics with it, so any ISO monitor will display everything properly, and you can control the tank as you need,” Billay said.

Another option are scales with live weight readout for the three individual tanks.

Horsch will be selling a tender cart next spring — the Terra Tender 900 — that is designed to work with the SW750.

The tender cart has three 300 bu. tanks and is built on the same frame as the SW750, which allows the two machines to line up for loading and unloading.

“Auguring time is 4:50. Total stoppage time where the drill is not productive in the field is under 10 minutes,” Billay said. “So you go from right empty to right full, back in the field in under 10 minutes.”

Tracks are also offered as an option for the Terra Tender 900.

Billay said the tender cart will likely not match air carts other then the SW750 and is not de-signed to be used during harvest.

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