Grain trade omnipresent in Portage and Main area, but ignored

I’m always surprised by the way most Winnipeggers don’t realize the vital importance of the grain industry to downtown Winnipeg, and especially Portage and Main. The industry is the core of P and M, but few outside the area realize just how important it is. It’s certainly more important than Manitoba Hydro, which one hears about every day here.

Anyhow, I just went for a walk outside with my camera, and here are some of the images that reveal the industry’s importance.

An abandoned building being taken over by Red River College and which will soon house the Paterson GlobalFoods Institute.Grain industry helping make something old and run down become shiny and new

This restaurant promises all vegan food, which it has provided since 1996, so food politics is big here as in every urban centre.

And they care about the CWB situation. The CWB head office is just a block away.

Holy crap!!! Is the Richardson building burning down? When I got back to my office, across the street from the Richardson building people were out on the street waiting for the all-clear. Perhaps some grain deals got delayed.

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