VIDEO: Farmer advocates for gay rights, rural lifestyle

STEINBACH, Man. — Farming, singing and travel. Those are Chris Plett’s favourite things. And being a farmer, a singer and an airline employee is how Chris automatically describes himself. But the warm, affable man is defined by many other people in many other ways, and that’s just a reality he accepts about his situation. “The […] Read more

Check out risk vs. reward on crop choices

Small profitability for most western Canadian crops and losses for others: that’s the bottom line outlook from Manitoba Agriculture’s farm management team. It highlights the need for farmers to take their production and marketing math seriously in these times of narrow margins. That’s especially true because the underlying risks in many of the crops are […] Read more

Richardson’s pullout of Canola Council a bizarre development

But perhaps farmers will end up being the winners

Although it’s been whispered about for more than a year, and we even reported on the rumblings a couple of months ago, news that Richardson International is pulling out of the Canola Council of Canada is unsettling and bizarre. After all, the CCC is a high-functioning, an influential and an exemplary value chain organization, one […] Read more

Revived TPP threatens U.S. wheat sales

The United States is likely to lose lucrative market share of wheat in Japan, the U.S. Department of Agriculture is warning the American agriculture industry. The reason: other nations’ embrace of free trade deals. “The current market preference for (Canadian spring wheat) over (American spring wheat) may be compounded in the coming years by the […] Read more

Easing U.S wheat’s entry into Canada called priority

Fixing the blockage of American grain into the Canadian grain elevator system might be the kind of thing that helps save the North American Free Trade Agreement, says a Canadian trade analyst. However, failing to resolve it could help push NAFTA talks over the edge, worries a southern Manitoba farmer. “I’m actually not worried about […] Read more

New plants ease hog market worries

Farmers should get a year of strong packer demand and aggressive cash prices — unless U.S. President Donald Trump blows up the North American pork market. That’s how Hams Marketing’s director of risk management, Tyler Fulton, looks at 2018. “I’m pretty optimistic that these new plants will shake up the dynamic enough that we will […] Read more

Dairy sector entices next generation

Canada’s dairy industry is a stable source of good and cutting-edge skilled jobs, but that’s not something a lot of young people realize, says Canadian Dairy Commission chair Alistair Johnston. “When you go to high schools now and you … ask them, ‘what are you going to do when you’re done high school,’ who says […] Read more

Canola market doldrums need cautious risk management

First, canola futures slid from $520 per tonne to lower than $490. Then prices bounced back $10 to almost $500. How do you get a sense of the price range from that? What does the slide mean? What does the bounce-back mean? Lots of farmers and marketers are pondering that after December’s drama. The same […] Read more

Dairy unfazed by trade attacks

Farmers convinced that supply management has public support and will survive domestic and international pressure

Dairy supply management might appear to be jeopardizing Canada’s trading relations in many parts of the globe and drawing a lot of fire, but its defenders seem more confident, defiant and optimistic than they have for years. At the Manitoba Dairy Conference, a string of supply management supporters expressed belief that their industry structure can […] Read more

Is western ag losing trade influence?

Western Canada’s free-trading, export-oriented farm sectors are one of Canada’s shining economic stars, drawing in money and growth for the nation. But they are political lightweights in Ottawa, which jeopardizes their futures, a point that drew repeated comments at the Fields On Wheels conference in Winnipeg in December. “The history of the Trans-Pacific Partnership shows […] Read more