Everybody’s getting resilient – but what does that really mean?

These days everything is getting referred to as resilient. Canada’s food system is being described as being “resilient” for having faced the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic and failing to break, although it seemed like it might buckle for a while. After initially running short on flour, toilet paper and a range of products, there […] Read more

The directors of agri-food companies are aware of ESG investing and what it means for their share price. | Screencap via ca.rbcwealthmanagement.com

BLOG: Sustainable ag is here to stay

ESG investing. It may not be a household phrase yet, but it’s already shaping the future of agriculture. And in five to 10 years, Canadian producers may be operating their farms differently because of ESG (environmental, social and governance) investing. In the last 11 months, I probably received 150 emails from dozens of agriculture and […] Read more

Percy is the Hollywood telling of the Percy Schmeiser story, the Bruno, Sask., farmer who was found guilty of patent infringement in the early days of Roundup Ready canola.
 | Photos via Mongrel Media (left) and Michael Raine

Percy and me

This isn’t a post about Percy Schmeiser, the real-life Bruno, Sask. farmer, and me, the Western Producer reporter. This is about Percy the Myth, now of Hollywood movie fame (played by Christopher Walken,) and me, the Western Producer reporter. I’ve never much engaged with the mythology of Percy, who became a cause celebre for anti-genetically […] Read more

Since CETA was implemented in September 2017, Canadian agri-food exports to Europe have stagnated. Meanwhile, Europe is selling more beef, pork and other foods to Canada. | Screencap via international.gc.ca

BLOG: We export rocks to Europe, they sell us Audis

The benefits of Canada’s free trade deal with the European Union can be summed up like this: we’re selling Europe more oil and minerals, they’re selling us more BMWs, pharmaceutical drugs and high-tech machinery. In an optimistic document released in June, the federal government touted the economic benefits of the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade […] Read more

Say goodbye to Silly Season and hello to Serious Season

We’re reduced to this: arguing about whether or not Adele should have worn a Jamaican-themed outfit to a London Caribbean festival and getting worked up about some young radicals in Montreal pulling down and beheading a much-ignored statue of John A Macdonald. This is a good way for Silly Season to depart. (Silly Season is […] Read more

Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland speaking with Canola Council of Canada President Jim Everson.

The challenge to Freeland: Don’t let the Green agenda kill the Growth agenda

Farming and other growth industries don't need to clash with a "Green" agenda, but they might if the new finance minister doesn't handle things right

Prairie farmers should be happy to see Chrystia Freeland become the federal finance minister. She’s a champion of free trade and expanded global trade; she has great financial understanding; she’s tough as nails; she has deep western roots. But she’s being brought in to Finance in the midst of loud talk about Prime Minister Justin […] Read more

Farmers who rely upon more than hog production to pay their bills can dilute hog losses with crop gains, if they have a good crop or good crop prices. But for the family hog operation that stands alone, times are dire. | File photo

Canada’s family hog farmers need help immediately, says CPC

Waiting months will see many leave the industry

Canada’s independent hog farmers are being crushed by a pricing system that short-changes them on pigs but pays processors and grocers top-dollar at the same time. If it isn’t fixed soon, many of the remaining family hog farms will disappear, says the Canadian Pork Council. “Something’s gotta give here, otherwise guys are going to be […] Read more