Grain company investments continue

G3 Canada plans to officially open the doors to another high efficiency elevator next week.

G3’s new facility at Glenlea, Man., will host a grand opening on Oct. 5.

The facility features 34,000 tonnes of storage, cleaning facilities and a 134-car loop track.

The elevator is located about a kilometre south of Glenlea off Highway 75 and is serviced by Canadian National Railway and BNSF Railway.

Another grain company is also expanding its footprint on the Prairies.

Parrish & Heimbecker is building a new fertilizer facility at Moosomin, Sask.

According to a P & H newsletter, the company will build a new 16,000 tonne dry fertilizer shed in the first phase of construction followed by a 1,800 tonne liquid blend plant in phase two.


“It’s going to be a first-class facility, attached to rail, with very high-speed load out capabilities,” said Justin Watson, national director of crop nutrients.

P & H said the decision to build at Moosomin is in response to strong regional customer demand.

“Eastern Saskatchewan is a very strong liquid fertilizer market,” said Watson.

In the past two years, P & H has expanded its presence in the fertilizer business, adding new sheds at Hamlin, Sask., Quill Lake, Sask., Biggar, Sask., and Gladstone, Man.

The company also built a new facility at Wilson Siding near Lethbridge and is tripling its capacity at Moose Jaw.


  • Guest

    In other news, Richardson Pioneer has demolished two elevators in Carrot River, SK during the summer of 2016, cutting their storage capacity by 2/3rds with no plans to replace it. Farmers are being forced to haul 55 km further when the remaining facility reaches capacity, assuming they still want to sell to Richardson Pioneer.

    • Harold

      It’s always the Farmer that pays the dollar that the Investors cannot afford to loose. It is always the Consumer that pays the dollar that the Investors cannot afford to loose. Without our endless bank loans of servitude to pay the investors dollar, the Corporation-of-Canadian-Citizens would become insolvent. Becoming insolvent, creates more take-overs, and more job losses.
      The Investors are here, to be the beneficiary of the resources that we own. Every foreign investment made in Canada, is the removal of our own investment. Investment is different than Trade. In direct Trade, we become the sole beneficiaries of our labor and our resources, which is our investment, and foreign investors flee back to their country of Origin.
      Our Trade Deals are not Trade Deals as reported. They are Free Investor Agreements which cannot afford to loose one dollar.
      For who Jesus Christ threw out of the church, we bring them our offering plates.