Beekeepers produce bumper honey crop

Canadian beekeepers had a fantastic honey crop this year, as national production is the second highest in the last 15 years.

Statistics Canada, in a release issued this morning, said apiarists produced 95.3 million pounds of honey, up from 85.5 million last year and 76.5 million in 2013.

Alberta was responsible for most of the production gain. Alberta beekeepers increased production by 7.3 million lb., going from 35.5 million in 2014 to 42.8 million this year.

Apiarists produced more honey because bee colony numbers jumped 3.6 percent compared to 2014. Prairie bee colonies had a great winter in 2015. Winter losses averaged 11 percent in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, much lower than losses of 20 to 40 percent in previous years.

National honey yields were also up. Beekeepers averaged 132 lb. per hive, a gain of nine lb. over 2014.


Honey prices remain strong despite the production increase. Stats Can says the price of honey is around $2.40 per lb.

Bee colonies on the Prairies

2013 2014 2015
Alberta 278,000 282,900 295,000
Sask. 100,000 95,000 101,000
Man. 73,800 78,700 90,909
Source: Statistics Canada



  • walleyeman

    and then next week we will hear some tree hugging outfit try to tell us there are no bees.
    The world is ending.
    When we see that the producers are producing record pounds it only proves that a lot of these so called huggers have no idea.
    All they want is a handout, thinking they can save the world.

    • Victor Cachat

      They want your whole paycheck, your IRA, your savings…

    • Harold

      I don’t understand your comment regarding this issue. Bumper crops are based on favourable wintering conditions and the control of beetles and mites. They have nothing to do with tree hugging or receiving hand-outs or ideas about saving the world. Saving their hives perhaps. two Ontario bee keepers are in the process of a class action law suit against Bayer CropScience and Syngenta. Should prove to be an interesting outcome. Ontario is Canada’s largest acreage of Corn and Soybeans. I can see the connection. Overall, due the importance of honey bees and agriculture, there exists a resolution to reduce the levels of pesticides used for crops. The reduction set for 2015 is 15% corn and 9% for soybean. For 2016 a further reduction of 31% corn and 18% soybean. Further, Canola is an important crop for the production of Honey. Tree huggers, Hand-outs, IRA (CRA), Leftist media outfits, leftists envirnMENTALists Liars : what are you talking about?

  • Victor Cachat

    You can bet this will not be a headline for any of the legacy, leftist media outfits.
    Nor will any deeply hidden versions of the news call the leftist environMENTALists liars for…lying.

  • ed

    They ban performance enhancing drugs and chemical at the world Olympics. Just because the bees are working hard in a chemical induced state within their chemically laced environment, and setting new production records, doesn’t mean there is anything healthy about it.

  • Sjz

    Where does Stats Can. Get there numbers? Beekeeper a haven’t sold honey for $2.40 per pound since 2002. Currently we can’t sell honey, there is no market. Maybe $1.30 per pound, which is below cost of production.