‘Buy local’ trips up honey producers

In 2014, the price of Canadian honey was basically the same as U.S. honey. A U.S. Department of Agriculture national honey report from February 2014 said Canadian beekeepers received US$2.12 per pound for their honey and North Dakota beekeepers received $2.11 per lb. That parity is over. There is now a massive price gap between […] Read more

Honey production better in north than south this year

This year’s drought in parts of Western Canada hurt honey production, but beekeepers in more northerly regions had a good to excellent honey crop. For example, producers in southern Alberta had a poor year but yields were better north of Calgary. “Everybody is pretty happy with their crop … for the majority,” said Mike DeJong, […] Read more

Neonic levels in honey below accepted guidelines: expert

The Swiss study was misleading and the methodology used to measure concentrations was ‘illogical,’ says toxicologist

On Oct. 9, CBC news posted a story on its website suggesting honey is contaminated with insecticides. The story was based on a Swiss study that analyzed honey samples from around the globe. The study, published in the journal Science, found that 75 percent of honey contains neonicotinoids, a class of insecticides commonly used as […] Read more

Honey producers hope prices rise

Canadian honey producers are in a marketing bind. Other countries are grabbing a larger share of the U.S. market, and possibly for the first time ever, Canadian honey is selling at a steep discount to U.S. honey, said Guy Chartier, chief executive officer of Bee Maid Honey, a beekeeper-owned co-operative. “Overall, exports are trending down,” […] Read more

Are Canadians paying for fake imported honey?

Saudi Arabia and Myanmar have little in common, except that Canadian companies are importing honey from both of those countries. Myanmar exported $388,000 worth of honey to Canada between Jan. 1 and the end of March, while $238,000 worth of honey came from Saudi Arabia, according to federal government statistics. In comparison, Canada imported $1.1 […] Read more

Beekeepers produce bumper honey crop

Canadian beekeepers had a fantastic honey crop this year, as national production is the second highest in the last 15 years. Statistics Canada, in a release issued this morning, said apiarists produced 95.3 million pounds of honey, up from 85.5 million last year and 76.5 million in 2013. Alberta was responsible for most of the […] Read more