New model sprayers rebuilt from ground up

Updated design Versatile’s two-wheel drive machines will replace the SX275 model with ground up redesign

Versatile has released two models of its new and much anticipated sprayer.

The machines replace the SX275 model that was a refined version of the Minnesota built Red Ball sprayer.

The SX240 and SX280 are powered by a Cummins QSB 6.7 litre engine, with the Versatile model names describing the horsepower. The QSB doesn’t require the use of diesel ex-haust fluid to meet Tier 4 interim standards. Instead, it relies on exhaust gas recirculation and filtering.

The smaller unit gets an Allison 2500, five-speed automatic transmission and the larger sprayer gets an Allison 3000. Both are capable of travelling up to 30 m.p.h. and will be built in Wilmar, Minn.

The machines remain two-wheel drive, using a JCB hydraulically locking differential. Drop boxes form the mechanical drive system. The differential lock can be applied on the go when things get sticky.

Adam Reid of Versatile said the Winnipeg company has been working on a replacement for the SX275 for several years.

“We designed at Wilmar, using what we have learned from tractors and farmers,” he said during a recent Midwest farm show.

“We like getting these things right. And this, sprayers, is something we wanted to be based on producer input and some engineering that matches those expectations. You could rush something out there, but we chose not to.”

Gran Lien, who manages the product for Versatile, said the new sprayer is different from the previous machine, leaving almost all of the Red Ball heritage behind.

“This is a Versatile,” he said during the Commodity Classic in San Antonio, Texas, where the sprayers were announced.


“We kept the machine simple, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t perform all of the tasks a producer needs and more. But this machine really feels like a Versatile. Well thought out and practical.”

The cab, the same one featured in the Versatile tractors, is the biggest found on a North American sprayer.

A new seat with mounted controls and console keeps most of the operations located at the right hand of the operator. Floor and hand throttles, as well as field cruise control, are all built into the design.

The big machine gets an optional, updated version of the 1,200 U.S. gallon stainless steel unit that came with the SX275. With it is a 120 gallon rinse tank.

New for this year is the 1,000 gallon polyurethane tank with integrated 100 gallon rinse tank.

The new tank is standard on the 280 and the only choice on the 240 because of that machine’s lighter transmission.

A front folding ladder that folds up when the parking brake is shut off is built into the operator access system, which includes a larger walkway for access to the top of the machine.

Controls for loading and cleaning are all located at an operator station, which was redesigned for easy use. All valves are set to the up position when the machine is field ready so that operators can tell at a glance whether the machine is set to spray.

Two storage lockers for protective clothing, spray information and tools are located next to the loading controls.


Booms use a rubber torsion mount and a three-stage yaw management system to keep them stable.

The boom can be locked into place flat or at an angle, which Lien said allows the producer to turn at speed without the booms dipping into the crop.

Spray controllers are by Raven, either the Envizo Pro or the 5000.

Guidance is the Versatile V-PAS, which is the Raven SmarTrax.

Boom height control is the AccuBoom, and the section control is that company’s SmartBoom.

Booms are available in 90 or 100 foot widths and can be set from 25 to 72 inches. Machine tracking width is mechanically or hydraulically adjustable. Product pumping is from a Hypro 9306 HM5C3U and is available in cast or stainless.

The SX240’s listed base price is $291,000 US, and the 280 has a base price of $304,000. Pricing will be variable based on individual dealers and regional markets.

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