Multi-tasking Multifarmer crosses over

This mid-sized Italian 156 h.p. field tractor with a nine-metre telehandler boom makes its debut on the Prairies

LANGHAM, Sask. — The Italian equipment manufacturer Merlo, known for small horticultural tractors, took one giant step onto the Canadian Prairies when it debuted its new Multifarmer at the recent Ag in Motion farm show near Saskatoon. “The Multifarmer has a 156 horsepower Deutz Tier 4i. It does everything a conventional North American tractor in […] Read more

From Russia — with power

LANGHAM, Sask. — There were plenty of red tractors at the Ag in Motion farm show, but one particular red tractor stood out because of the identifying decals it wore: K744 MTZ-Kirovets. Built in Russia, the K744 was brought to the show by importer Russell Douglas of R.D. Sales in Wadena, Sask. Douglas, who has […] Read more

Versatile marks half century of prairie power

The Winnipeg company celebrated the milestone with an anniversary limited edition 550 h.p. Delta Track

The era of truly simple, low-cost four-wheel-drive tractors has come to a close, but Canada’s only tractor company continues that tradition in the modern world. The first Versatile four-wheel-drive tractors coughed to life in 1966 at a newly constructed factory in Winnipeg. With a sticker price of less than $10,000, the bright red D100 diesel […] Read more

Electric drive tractor hits the dirt

Electricity is more efficient than mechanical drive systems, which could save farmers money over the long haul

The electric drive farm tractor is no longer just a dream. The Autonomous Tractor Corp. of Fargo, North Dakota, delivered its first unit last month. The company made its debut at Fargo’s Big Iron Show in September 2012, when it introduced the Spirit Autonomous eDrive tractor. The odd looking machine left farmers puzzled by the […] Read more

Opposition uses TPP deal as political fodder

When the 12 country Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement was announced, it instantly became the dominant talking point on the federal election campaign trail. The NDP has already said it might tear up the deal, while the Liberals are waiting for more details. The deal was announced with just 14 days to go in the federal […] Read more

Delta Track Creeper slow, powerful

PHOENIX, Ariz. — It’s big, but it’s slow. At .95 m.p.h. and 1,800 r.p.m., the Delta Track Creeper from Winnipeg’s Versatile is the slowest moving, high horsepower tractor on the market. “We know there is a lot of tile (drainage) happening out there. It takes power, and slow is good for that job,” said Adam […] Read more

Fendt 700 doesn’t give a bum steer

Losing GPS during a critical field operation isn’t a problem if the system simultaneously receives signals from 75 satellites representing half a dozen providers. Science fiction? No. It’s available to Canadian farmers now. That level of reliability is exactly what farmers can expect from GPS if their next tractor is a Fendt 700 series, says […] Read more

Is your tractor ready for the field?

There are details to look after before starting that tractor that has been stored all winter: Loosen all the drain plugs. There is bound to be moisture at the bottom of every housing, and if you don’t drain it, where does it go? It mixes with the oil and shortens the life of every gear, […] Read more

Rubber biscuit smoothens ride

Reducing Deere bounce | Owners of older series T tractors able to cushion their ride

BRANDON — Farmers who own a John Deere 9000 series T tractor built between 2000 and 2007 know all about the term “rough ride.” “We wanted to use rubber biscuits to address the shakiness, vibration, rough ride, jarring and sharp bucks,” said Luke Bartel of ERA Manufacturing in Rosenort, Man. Bartel worked with Lloyd Friesen […] Read more