Fendt reports good year, launches new line

Company introduces new mowers and tedders and redesigned its self-propelled RoGator sprayer/fertilizer applicator

The RoGator 900 sports new features.| photo by Fendt

Agricultural equipment maker Fendt reports satisfactory sales for last year and a promising order book for 2021 despite challenges posed by COVID-19.

The company also launched a number of new products and updated others.

Christoph Groblinghoff, chair of the Agco-Fendt management board, spoke in positive terms about the future during a recent news conference.

“This is already the 17th month of the coronavirus pandemic, and none of us could have predicted what we’ve had to endure. The economy is off-kilter. The pandemic has affected us all,” he said.

“We have secured a high market share of 10.6 percent in Europe. The global sales market for Fendt tractors is again up on the previous year, with over 20,000 tractors expected to be produced this year.”

Fendt has introduced the next generation of Fendt Slicer front mowers with new mowing combinations, a new design and new options.

As well, the Fendt Former tedder got an upgrade.

The Fendt Slicer disc mower series includes the Fendt Slicer 310 F, 310 F KC front mower with tine conditioner, and the 310 F RC with roller conditioner. The 310 stands for a working width of 3.10 metres.

The Fendt Slicer 860 and 960 rear mowers have working widths of 8.60 and 9.60 metres.| photo by Fendt

The Fendt Slicer 860 and 960 rear mowers have working widths of 8.60 metres and 9.60 metres in configurations without conditioner. There are two bolts to position the rear mowers further inside or outside to achieve the desired overlap with the front mower. The rear mower can be combined with different front mowers with a working width of between three metres and 3.50 metres.

Both the new generation of front disc mowers and the rear disc mowers have been redeveloped. Due to the lightweight design, the Fendt Slicer 310 F saves up to 60 kilograms compared to the previous model. In the case of the rear mower combination, the new design can save up to 350 kg in weight compared with the previous model.

The Fendt Slicer 310 F front mower with swing hitch and low centre of gravity is designed for cropped terrain and work on slopes.

The swing hitch has a range of +/- 7.5 degrees to adapt to the ground. Hydraulic load relief is available as an option for the Fendt Slicer 310 F KC (with tine conditioner) and the Fendt Slicer 310 F RC (with roller conditioner). This regulates the contact pressure for the entire mower unit and means less dirt can get into the mechanism in wet harvest conditions.

The Fendt Slicer 310 F front mower comes with an optional hydraulic folding system for the side guard allowing operators to fold up the side guard before getting on the road, without having to leave the cab.

The latest tedder generation of Fendt Former 12545 and the ISOBUS-capable Fendt Former 12545 Pro now feature a hydraulically lowering chassis. This gives the Fendt Former a transport height of less than four metres even in transport mode, and you don’t need to remove the tines before setting out on the road.

Agco’s self-propelled RoGator sprayer/fertilizer applicator has been redesigned and is available as the Fendt RoGator 900 in selected markets.

The Fendt RoGator 900 series consists of five models: the Fendt RoGator 932, 934, 934H (High Clearance), 937 and Fendt RoGator 937H, with a power range from 290 to 369 horsepower. The series has a machine width of 3.91 to 4.49 metres and is particularly suitable for use in North and South America, Australia, as well as in Eastern Europe.

The tank for liquid fertilizer has a maximum capacity of 3,400-4,900 litres and the tank for mineral fertilizer has a maximum capacity of 7,000 litres.

Available in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and North America, Fendt’s round balers now come with new options including film wrapping for the baler/wrapper unit and a clean water tank.

Customers can order the Fendt Rotana 130 F Combi with the onboard film wrapping option. This reduces feed losses from frost damage at sub-zero temperatures. Net wrapping is still available as an option.

The positioning of the rollers means operators can quickly switch between film and net wrapping. This allows drivers to quickly convert from silage bales to straw bales.

The Rotana 130 F Combi can now be ordered with an onboard film wrapping option.| photo by Fendt

An optional hydraulic support foot makes it easier for drivers to couple and uncouple the Fendt Rotana 130 F Combi and the Fendt Rotana 160 V Combi.

Also, the Fendt Rotana 130 F, 160 V and 180 V come with an optional second set of knives including bracket.

The FendtONE offboard digital platform offers farmers a system to manage their machine and agronomic data.

The FendtONE onboard driver’s workstation offers a number of solutions to increase the machine’s efficiency. Smart Farming features such as lane guidance, subsection processing and optimizing hookups mean less fuel and resources are used in the long term, hours are saved and the driver’s work is easier.

The system is available on the three new generations of the Fendt 500, 900 and 1000 Vario series tractors. A new air filter cleaning mechanism on the larger models is also available.

For 2022, the Fendt Ideal combine comes with added options in lane guidance and straw distribution.

By using lane guidance with the RTK correction signal, the fleet works the fields by consistently following the set tracks, avoiding any offsetting. Controlled traffic farming is also possible thanks to VarioGuide with RTK.

Fendt Ideal customers already have the VarioGuide tracking system and a NovAtel or Trimble receiver as standard features on their combine harvesters but can now order the correction signal RTK pre-installed at a track accuracy of two centimetres.

The cleaning system of the Fendt Ideal 9 has been reworked and now grain drops down to the top sieve through two curved double-drop steps. Thanks to the curved shape, the laws of physics see the heavy grains gather in the lower section while the lighter parts accumulate above.

The curved steps of the cleaning system provide a wider air outlet, which can significantly increase the air volume and make the cleaning process even more efficient.

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