The Precision Inflation System lets the operator run maximum air pressure in transit and low air pressure in the field. Sally Brodbeck explains that the seal lasts 10,000 hours because the rotary union is only pressurized when tires are being inflated or deflated.  |  Ron Lyseng photo

Pressure up for transit, down for the field

FARGO, N.D. — Central tire inflation systems are gaining ground with operators who see the value of running maximum allowable tire pressure in transit and minimum allowable tire pressure in the field. Adjustable tire pressure has become a major factor because of the growing awareness of the impact that soil compaction has on yield. Changing […] Read more

Titan low side wall tires are designed to reduce soil compaction.  |  Robin Booker photo

VIDEO: The Titan of fat tire technology looks for good year

LANGHAM, Sask. — The three factors driving tractor tire technology today are compaction, road lope and tire hop. Titan Low Side Wall (LSW) tires address all three issues, according to field technician Toby Carson. “We accomplish this by lowering the sidewall. We’re doing to tractor tires what manufacturers have done to car and pickup tires,” […] Read more

Changing tires does not need to be a life-threatening operation with the right equipment, such as this Tire Jogger made in Sherwood, North Dakota.  |  Lisa Grengs photo

Changing big sprayer tires can be a dangerous chore

FARGO, N.D. — Swapping high clearance sprayer tires is an event that occurs a couple times a year on most farms, and it’s potentially fatal each time. Most farming operations have long since switched to a dedicated sprayer jack instead of assembling an unstable pile of timbers when lifting a tractor or sprayer. As well, […] Read more

Paolo Pompei, head of Trelleborg’s agricultural tire division, explained the tire making process at the opening of its new plant in Spartanburg, SC. While the plant is highly automated, humans are still required in the quality control department. 
|  Michael Raine photo

Trelleborg sees well-rounded future in tires

SPARTANBURG, S.C. — It didn’t take long for Paolo Pompei to make it clear what he thinks about tires. “Agricultural tires are a lot more than black and round,” he said. “They make farming more efficient, food production more productive.” With that, Pompei focused a crowd of farm equipment manufacturers, company officials, distributors and local […] Read more

The biggest tire technology breakthrough in decades comes from the little-known Czech Republic company Mitas. It may look like a round rubber tire from a distance, but when viewed from up close to the footprint it looks more like a flat rubber track.  |  Mitas photo

Shape-shifting tire mimics rubber track

Reinforced sidewall construction achieves 167 percent better lateral stability so it can flatten under heavy loads

Whether farmers prefer round rubber pneumatic tires or flat solid rubber tracks depends largely on their soil and precipitation. The industry offers a comprehensive lineup of tires and tracks to keep everyone happy. After all, there is no in between or compromise. Or is there? Well, maybe there is. Mitas, the little known tire company […] Read more

The TireMaxx wheel cutout shows the central axle inflation system.  |  Hendrickson photo

Computer replaces hammer in tire pressure check

Keeping perfect pressure | Inflation system keeps tire pressure up, down and equalizes pressure on all wheels

A system that automatically maintains correct pressures has replaced the archaic practice of using a hammer to check for soft tires. TireMaax Pro from trailer manufacturer Hendrickson International differs from other automatic tire inflation systems (ATIS) by handling over-inflated tires as well as under-inflated tires. It also balances the pressures on duals. Over-inflated tires are […] Read more