VIDEO: The Titan of fat tire technology looks for good year

LANGHAM, Sask. — The three factors driving tractor tire technology today are compaction, road lope and tire hop. Titan Low Side Wall (LSW) tires address all three issues, according to field technician Toby Carson.

“We accomplish this by lowering the sidewall. We’re doing to tractor tires what manufacturers have done to car and pickup tires,” said Carson. “We’re going to a larger diameter wheel with a shorter tire. We use a wide 46 inch diameter rim instead of the conventional 42 inch diameter rim. The outside diameter remains the same as your conventional tire, so it doesn’t affect your gearing.

“Compared to duals, we have a 20 percent larger footprint and you can run 40 percent lower inflation. Plus, the low side wall with the wide surface eliminates the pinch point you always have with duals.”

Carson says tire lifespan should be five to seven years. That projection is based on the fact that LSW has been available for six years, so Titan is now starting to see some repeat buyers.

He adds that the original test tires that remained with farmers are still in use today.

The LSW tires are available for most tractors, combines and sprayers. Titan Tire manufactures the tire and the rim, and they come as an assembled package. Carson says price is up to the local dealer, but they are comparable to a set of duals.

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