Being assertive means that I have a clear idea of what I might want or need to fulfill my goals. | Getty Images

Assertiveness better response to bullies than violence

Q: Last week, our young son came home from the school playground with a bloody nose. This is not the first time this has happened. Apparently, two or three other boys in the neighbourhood are into bullying and using not only my son, but some of the other kids in the school as punching bags […] Read more

What could be more loving for a granddaughter than a snuggle with Grandma who is perfectly relaxed, loving and caring? | Getty Images

Learning to wait is a good way to become less impatient

Q: I am an impatient person. I don’t scream and shout or go on a tirade when I am upset but I let those around me know that I am less than satisfied with the way things are going. I fidget, pace, nag, breath with deep exasperation and sometimes clear my throat incessantly. Believe me, […] Read more

When we are calling alcoholism, or any addiction, a disease, or more properly a disability, we are inviting it into the medical community and focusing that research onto what is a significant problem. | Getty Images

Labelling alcoholism as a disease could be helpful step

Q: I do not think that anyone has any illusions other than that my late Uncle Fred was an alcoholic. There are no options. He drank too much and got into way too much trouble when he was drinking to think anything else. Actually, he was really disgusting. I was glad when I grew up […] Read more

Daydreaming can be productive and helpful as we chug our way through life’s journey. | Getty Images

Daydreaming can be productive way to better face the future

Q: We are convinced that our 12-year-old is the world’s greatest daydreamer. We have received notes regularly from his teachers over the years, saying that if our son paid more attention to the task at hand and spent less time in some kind of an imaginary world, he would be floating near the top of […] Read more

The more that you learn to trust yourself the more likely it is that you will fall into a successful relationship with another person. | Getty Images

Successful relationship depends on trusting yourself

Q: A few weeks ago, I started dating what I consider to be a wonderful lady. She is great. We are already spending a lot of time together and the more time we are together, the better are those times. But I have a problem. My first marriage ended in infidelity. My wife at the […] Read more