Daydreaming can be productive and helpful as we chug our way through life’s journey. | Getty Images

Daydreaming can be productive way to better face the future

Q: We are convinced that our 12-year-old is the world’s greatest daydreamer. We have received notes regularly from his teachers over the years, saying that if our son paid more attention to the task at hand and spent less time in some kind of an imaginary world, he would be floating near the top of […] Read more

The more that you learn to trust yourself the more likely it is that you will fall into a successful relationship with another person. | Getty Images

Successful relationship depends on trusting yourself

Q: A few weeks ago, I started dating what I consider to be a wonderful lady. She is great. We are already spending a lot of time together and the more time we are together, the better are those times. But I have a problem. My first marriage ended in infidelity. My wife at the […] Read more

Many families see their way through preadolescence with few, if any, disruptions. | Getty Images

Preadolescence does not have to lead to universal chaos

Q: Our family is about to engage in preadolescence and pick up on whatever all of that involves. Our oldest daughter turns 11 a week from tomorrow. So far, all has been well within the family, but from what I have heard, including what I have read and studied when I was a student at […] Read more

To survive, people need to change. It is not that easy, but it is workable. | Getty Images

Easing COVID tensions at home starts with the parents

Q: Before the pandemic, I watched my wife drive off early in the morning to go to work, followed closely by the school bus emptying our house of all children heading to their classrooms. This left behind a somewhat lonely moment in solitude. That changed when the pandemic hit. At first it was fun and […] Read more

Stress leaves all of us with excess energy. If we do not get rid of that energy, it could do some personal damage. | Jeannette Greaves photo

Organization and exercise can relieve pandemic stress

Q: It has been a little over a year now since all of us have fallen victim to the pandemic that knows no bounds. It is all over the place, breaking out with even more infections just when we think that we might have parts of it under control. I know you have written various […] Read more

Psychologists are suggesting that those who do daily exercises (jogging, walk-ing, biking, running, swimming, for example) are less likely to let either their depression or their sadness drive them into despair. | Getty Images

Exercise important way to fight depression

Q: Early last fall our son was discharged from the psychiatric unit of a larger hospital in the city. He was 32 at the time, old enough and mature enough to be on his own, but we were worried about his well-being and asked him to stay with us until he was more settled and […] Read more