Patience a virtue soybean growers must exercise

It can be tempting to plant as early as possible in the spring, but producers should be particularly careful with soybeans, says a Manitoba Agriculture bean expert. “Folks want to get going, (and) patience, patience, patience is a hard thing to preach to people, but you really do need patience (with soybeans),” Terry Buss, a […] Read more

Growing better canola starts with seeding rates

Before Dan Orchard shifted his concentration to clubroot, he was an expert on canola fertility. The Canola Council of Canada plant scientist now has expertise in both aspects of the crop, and he recently attended the Farming Smarter conference to talk about how to attain “colossal canola.” It begins with seeding rates. Orchard said growers […] Read more

Soggy fields delay seeding

Conditions better further west | Seeding in some areas could reach record late date

Dan Mazier looks forward to June 1 because that is typically when seeding wraps up on his farm near Brandon. This year he is 50 to 60 percent complete and there is no end of headaches trying to get the remainder of the crop in the ground. “Last year we were a little bit later […] Read more

Seeding updates

Alberta Farmers catch up following delays Seeding may have got off to a slow start in Alberta because of snow, but it’s estimated that 70 percent was done in 10 days, and maybe even seven days in the Wetaskiwin area. “It happens that rapidly. It’s mind boggling,” said Barry Schultz, owner of Parkland Fertilizers. A […] Read more

Double disc drill leaves past in the dust

Older farmers remember the field downtime, perpetual greasing and bearing replacement and some swear they never want to see another disc drill as long as they live. However, Kim Hartman said it’s time to put the past behind us. The owner of K-Hart Industries in Elrose, Sask., thinks every bearing on a modern disc drill […] Read more

Corn planter effective in precision canola seeding

A corn planter places canola seed more accurately than does an air drill, according to producers who have tried it. “The accurate seed placement of a planter is the big factor. That’s what makes this whole idea potentially viable,” says Andrew Dalgarno, a canola grower from Newdale, Man. “There was a lot of talk last […] Read more

Consider planter for precise spacing

Higher yield with less seed | Air seeders equipped with regulators for smaller seeds work, but not as well as a planter

CARMAN, Man. — Corn and soybean frontiers push further north and west each year, driven by improved varieties, new technology and possibly a warming climate. This creates new seeding challenges for farmers accustomed to putting cereal and canola seeds through an air seeding system. Although manufacturers have had success adapting air systems to corn and […] Read more

Air drill uses springs to manage openers

Versatile’s new ML air drill features independent parallel linkage without hydraulics, real time depth control and quick switch furrow profile changes for different seed sizes. Versatile engineer Sylvio Tessier says the new ML series has been on the Ezee-On drawing board for years. When Versatile bought Ezee-On, the blueprints received a shot of money and […] Read more

Farmers try triple shoot openers

Three complete sets of the new VW30PR openers hit the soil this spring, along with dozens of openers bought by farmers who wanted to install just one as a comparison. Brothers Gavin and Colin Greenwold of Fox Valley, Sask., installed the new openers this spring on their 45 foot Flexi-Coil drill, which is equipped for […] Read more

Canola extends lead over spring wheat

Farmers are bullish about almost every crop, Statistics Canada’s March seeding intentions report shows. However, it also offers more evidence of the long-term trend of farmers embracing canola and avoiding spring wheat. Each year farmers plan to grow more canola than the previous year, but they generally plan to grow less spring wheat. This year, […] Read more