The new Technotill Version 2.0 is a dual sideband device that eliminates the tendency of the original Version 1.0 packers to pull sideways.  |  Technotill illustration

New Technotill packer does dual side band

The Technotill packer plate introduced by Walter and Betty Schoenhofer in 1996 has been re-developed with assistance from Saskatchewan farmers and a 3D printer. TNT Version 2 will be available for spring seeding. Where the original TNT had a fertilizer port on only one side, Version 2 is symmetrical with dual band ports. The previous […] Read more

When it was time for Kevin Horner to buy a new drill last spring, he picked a 62-foot New Holland ST830 cultivator with Technotill packers.  He says there’s excellent trash clearance and no moving parts and the Technotill plates do a better job than a packing wheel.  |  Betty Schoenhofer photo

Back to basics with seeders

Expensive, heavy, complicated seeding machines are being challenged by lower-cost, high-speed compact-disc machines and good old-fashioned shank cultivators with narrow knife openers. Over the past two decades, one of the devices that’s become popular among farmers with simple seeding systems is the Technotill (TNT) packer. Although the original Version 1 TNT functions well and continues […] Read more

Two ranks of planter units are installed on Capricorn Bay’s big drill.  
The company’s planter/drill gets mid-row banding for one pass seeding.  
The seeding units line up every 20 inches 
on two ranks.  | Michael Raine photo

Big, farmer-built planter meets Prairies

REGINA — Go plant it. Go plant all of it with a big planter. The Prince family from southwestern Manitoba have been producing corn and soybeans for more than a dozen years, but have never been fully satisfied with their seeding tools. “(It) could have been more precise. We farm a fair bit of land, […] Read more

John Deere’s high speed planter upgrade designed for speed

MOLINE, Ill. — The MaxEmerge 5e and ExactEmerge planters are John Deere’s answer to the European Maestro and Tempo high-speed corn planters. Upgrades to both JD planters were revealed this month in Moline. “There’s a lot of interest in high-speed planters. There’s a lot of interest in hitting your planting window, and rightfully so,” said […] Read more

SeedMaster’s tunable distribution tower feeds seed and product evenly to the tubes due to a moveable cone, at centre of the tower cap. This shifts product flows to even rates.  |  Seedmaster photo

Cone-head helps cure drill irregularities

The volume of product on some air seeding systems can vary up to 30 percent in one run from the volume in neighbouring runs, resulting in a host of agronomic problems. Irregular fertilizer rates cause crop staging problems that follow right through to harvest and beyond. Unwanted variability in seeding rates can result in expanded […] Read more

A key component in all the European style speed seeders is a vicious cultivation tool across the full width of the machine. The Pottinger Terrasem six-metre unit is built in Scotland and imported to Western Canada by Euro-Scot in Brandon.  |  Pottinger photo

Euro-Scot brings its small, fast equipment to the Prairies

BRANDON — Euro-Scot is importing a full line of European farm equipment to its Brandon location, specializing in tillage and seeding implements. The flagship is Pottinger’s Terrasem high-speed double disc drill. Euro-Scot owner Willie Gilbert describes the drill. “At the front we have our tillage tools, two sets of opposing angle discs. Nothing unusual about […] Read more

Disc drill delivers seed at high speed

BRANDON — The Horsch factory in Kansas is making its first production run of Pronto DC high speed disc drills, which are capable of seeding at speeds up to nine m.p.h. A number of the drills will be available for demonstration in the Canadian Prairies this spring, according to Horsch’s Jeremy Hughes. “The concept we’re […] Read more

Nathan Muchowski built his automated seeder for about $20,000.  |  Christalee Froese photo

Robot seeder nets Sask. engineer third in competition

ODESSA, Sask. — Engineer Nathan Muchowski expects robots to be seeding for farmers within the next five years. He built a prototype to test his theory that won third place in the 2016 agBOT Challenge in Rockville, Indiana. The idea for an unmanned seeder had been on the 26-year-old’s mind for several years, so when […] Read more

A crowd gathered for Clean Seed Agriculture Technology to begin the seeding demonstration with their CX-6 SMART seeder at Ag In Motion this summer. |  Robin Booker photo

Video: Clean Seed designs easy adjusted metering

Meters on the frame in a single rail allow the operator to adjust openings at once rather than individually

LANGHAM, Sask. — Clean Seed Agriculture Technology will see six machines built this coming year. The unique seeding equipment had been in the prototype phase of development until an investment confirmed in the last few weeks that will see $1.8 million from the federal government flow to the company. Federal funds are part of the […] Read more

Salford’s entry into the very large air seeder equipment market is a 950 bushel or 550 bu. and 4,000 gallon unit. The AC4000 will be available for the 2016 seeding season.  |  Michael Raine photo

Salford goes big in small grains

SALFORD, Ont. — One of the world’s largest air seeder carts is mixing the liquid with the dry. In its all-dry configuration, Salford’s new AC4000 is a five tank, 945 bushel air seeder unit, including a 65 bushel small seed or product bin. It joins large, single cart systems, including Seed Hawk’s 800 bushel unit […] Read more