Federal government defends supply management at NAFTA

Canada will continue to defend its supply management system for dairy in the face of American demands for greater transparency and access in a renegotiated North American Free Trade Agreement. Agriculture minister Lawrence MacAulay said Oct. 16 the Canadian government and its negotiators remain firm in their support. In a conference call from Europe, where […] Read more

Making the case for supply management

With negotiations on a new North American Free Trade Agreement underway, it is appropriate for Canadians to ask: whither supply management? Supply management is the system in Canada within which products such as dairy (including cheese), chicken, turkey and eggs are produced and sold. It severely restricts the importation of such products from abroad and […] Read more

Equipment manufacturer receives federal funds for innovation

The federal government is providing $4.1 million to support innovation and international trade in Saskatchewan’s agricultural equipment manufacturing sector. Morris Industries of Saskatoon will receive close to $3.5 million through the Western Innovation Initiative to increase its production capacity using an advanced manufacturing technology it has commercialized. Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership will receive $700,000 […] Read more

U.S. playing with NAFTA fire: ag economist

Al Mussell says ag trade through agreement has created 300,000 jobs, some of which could be lost if NAFTA reopened

Reopening the North American Free Trade Agreement could backfire on the United States from an agricultural perspective, says an agricultural economist. “The U.S. should be very careful what it wishes for here,” said Al Mussell, research lead for Agri-Food Economic Systems. Agricultural trade with its NAFTA partners has resulted in US$88 billion in U.S. economic […] Read more

Proposed U.S. border tax may help Canada, says prof

Canada’s prime minister is not pleased with talk of the United States potentially implementing a border adjustment tax but it could actually be a good thing, says an economist. United States President Donald Trump says tax reform is the next item on his legislative agenda now that his health-care bill failed to make it through […] Read more

Will the U.S. kill the TPP?

There is one important issue where it doesn’t matter whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump won this week’s U.S. presidential election. Both candidates were dead set against passing the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, and that spells the end to the world’s biggest free trade deal, says an international trade lawyer. “Even if other countries started to […] Read more

Panama Canal expansion to alter global shipping

New locks at the century old canal connect the present to the future by allowing ships triple the size, says official

The completion of an ambitious $5.4 billion expansion project at the Panama Canal is being hailed by shipping experts and Panamian authorities as a game-changing accomplishment that marks the beginning of a new era in global shipping. In a ceremony attended by heads of state and shipping executives from around the world, the expanded canal […] Read more

Put ag at centre of Canada-Brazil deal

Brazil and Canada have plenty in common, including the importance of agriculture to our respective economies. According to a recent report by the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade, agricultural trade and innovation represent a strategic sector for Canada’s accelerating relationship with Brazil. Certainly, Brazil’s emergence in the western hemispheric neighbour-hood is difficult […] Read more