Mental health plays huge role in student success

VERMILION, Alta. — When Katey Darr feels anxious or depressed, she usually heads to the stables for a ride or checks in on Lakeland College’s student-managed farm to keep busy. “The farm really helps with my mental health,” said Darr, a fourth-year crop technology student. “When I was a kid, I know that’s what really […] Read more

Warming climate may speed algae spread

Blue-green algae growth is a spreading threat to major water bodies around the world. Last summer, 32 blue-green algae warnings were issued for recreational lakes in Alberta because of health risks to people and animals. However, one University of Calgary student assessed algae prevalence in small prairie lakes. As the climate grows warmer and drier, […] Read more

Will amalgamation affect rural health?

The Saskatchewan government’s move to consolidate health-care services have rural residents and communities on edge

There are still many unknowns as Saskatchewan moves to a single provincial health authority from 12 regions later this year, including what financial savings there might be and how rural residents might be affected. The provincial government announced its decision last week, saying it had accepted recommendations from a three-member panel to better co-ordinate health […] Read more

Sask. eliminating health regions

The Saskatchewan government has accepted the recommendations of an advisory panel and decided to move from 12 health regions to one provincial health authority. The transition will occur by fall 2017. Health Minister Jim Reiter said the change will result in better co-ordination of health services. “This change represents a consolidation of administration, not a […] Read more

Fitness ranks low for Canadian youth

NOBLETON, Ont. — Fitness doesn’t have to cost a lot and can be as easy as parking the car farther away from the grocery store. Shyanne Spilchen, the director of Fitness 4 Youth, said regular physical activity needs to become routine. “People see exercise as a chore instead of a lifestyle,” said Spilchen, who provides […] Read more

Hindu scientist makes case for eating beef

Nutritional study shows people who eat beef are less likely to suffer from vitamin or mineral deficiencies

EDMONTON — Sangita Sharma does not eat beef, but she may be one of the best friends the industry has. “I am a Hindu and I don’t eat it, but as a scientist I am promoting beef,” she said. She has become such a strong advocate for beef that she believes retail beef should labelled […] Read more

Will pulses fuel shift in food choices?

The food we enjoy eating most is often the food that was prepared for us by our parents. As we grow older, we learn about new food from our friends and their families. Our food experience continues to evolve as we become responsible for making dietary choices for ourselves and our own families. However, somewhere […] Read more

Risky business

Otto Barley knows exactly how he got skin cancer. The retired farmer spent hours outside in the sun on an open cab tractor without a hat or sunscreen. “I never wore a cap in my life, and that was a reason for the cancer,” said Barley of Fairview, Alta. “At that time, there was no […] Read more

Bats, skunks biggest carriers of rabies last year

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency still tests rabies samples but no longer collects samples or investigates possible cases

Bats were the biggest source of rabies in Canada last year, according to statistics recently posted by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. The animals were responsible for 46 of the 92 cases of rabies reported in Canada last year. Eighteen of the bat cases were in Ontario, while British Columbia and Saskatchewan had nine each, […] Read more

Stomachs can be home to a host of worms and diseases

Health problems related to the digestive system in horses can range from dramatic to subtle and from mild to serious. Here are the top five digestive system disorders every horse owner should know: The fear-inducing term colic applies broadly to abdominal pain. Many intestinal problems can lead to colic, including twists, misplacements and blockages. Colicky […] Read more