Health-care costs soar for lower income earners

Poor see biggest jump | Increased costs affect self-employed workers such as farmers

Canadians in the lowest income brackets saw the greatest increase in out of pocket health-care expenses, according to a 12 year survey. The study, based on Statistics Canada data on household spending from 1997 to 2009, found that costs increased for all Canadians for insurance plans, dental care and prescriptions, but the lowest 20 percent […] Read more

Consuming soft, raw milk cheese poses risk: experts

Since an outbreak of E. coli connected to contaminated raw milk cheese from British Columbia last month, several media outlets and blogs have indicated it was an isolated incident. The Canadian Consumer Raw Milk Advocacy Group noted on its website that illnesses related to raw milk cheese are rare and there’s no need to label […] Read more

Air rescue group celebrates one year in Sask.

Since its inception in 1985, the emergency transport system has completed more than 22,000 missions across the Prairies

Carrie Derin tells a matter-of-fact story about the day that could have ended her life. That she’s telling it all is a credit to the Shock Trauma Air Rescue Society, or STARS, she said. “I don’t believe I would have made that trip from Moose Mountain (Provincial Park) to the city or be talking to […] Read more

Children’s health report grim

Obesity, nutrition worsening | Rates of smoking are falling among Saskatchewan teens

SASKATOON — A recent study found that Saskatchewan youth are doing some things right for their health but a lot wrong. Nazeem Muhajarine, a professor at the University of Saskatchewan’s college of medicine, said that on the positive side, young people’s smoking levels have dropped. He told a Saskatchewan Youth Symposium Jan. 26 that only […] Read more

Pressure builds for better food at senior care homes

EDMONTON — Seniors living in long-term care homes should be eating homemade soups, fresh vegetables and nice roast dinners rather than warmed up, mass produced food pre-cooked elsewhere and trucked to facilities across the province, says the deputy reeve of the Municipal District of Willow Creek. Ian Sundquist said the food was so bad at […] Read more

Cyberbullying can have deadly consequences for teens

Help your child avoid becoming a target of cyberbullying:

Part of growing up includes acquiring emotional aptitude and taking responsibility for how others are affected by our actions. However, children and youth can be cruel to each other while they are maturing, as illustrated by the events leading up to the recent suicide of 15-year-old Amanda Todd in British Columbia. Public concerns over bullying […] Read more

Develop healthy lifestyles for your kids

Before setting the table, parents should set an example for their children’s eating habits. “I think parents need to role model more often and walk the talk,” said Julie Bunney, a dietitian with Saskatoon Health Region’s Live Well Chronic Disease Management program. A recent report released by Statistics Canada said almost one-third of Canadian children […] Read more

Atchoo! Allergy season ahead

Protect lungs from grain dust | Farmers can develop allergies, asthma, infections and more

Farmers may be harvesting more than they bargained for this fall. The grain dust they inhale into their lungs contains grain particles, moulds, insects, mites, fungi and other organic material that can cause minor irritation to debilitating lifetime lung diseases. Niels Koehncke, associate professor of occupational medicine with the Canadian Centre for Health and Safety […] Read more

Saskatchewan seeks ways to improve rural emergency care

The challenge of keeping rural Saskatchewan emergency rooms open could be alleviated by adopting a Nova Scotia health-care model, says Saskatchewan’s minister responsible for rural and remote health. Randy Weekes said Saskatchewan will pilot the Maritime province’s collaborative emergency centre program once the details can be worked out. He toured two facilities while in Nova […] Read more

Mutated gene linked to Parkinson’s

Researchers from the University of Saskatchewan have helped identify a genetic abnormality linked to Parkinson’s disease. Dr. Ali Rajput, a Parkinson’s expert at the university, was part of an international team that discovered the link between a mutated version of the DNAJC13 gene and most forms of the degenerative brain disease. Rajput called the discovery […] Read more