Fans multiply moisture and money

Increasing the moisture content by a few percentage points can pencil out to thousands of dollars in returns

A farmer who tries to improve the moisture content of a canola shipment by turning on the water hose won’t endear him to grain buyers. An observant buyer will notice that the seed coat is mushy and the effort will backfire. In some cases, canola growers have been blacklisted from elevators after being caught red […] Read more

Spoilage alert: start probing bins and bags

Moisture causes downgrades | Warming temperatures will cause moisture to accumulate, agronomists warn

Farmers should be extra vigilant monitoring their stored grain this year, say experts. A bumper harvest and disappointing winter shipping program is resulting in farmers carrying over far more grain than usual this spring. Some of the crops in temporary storage may need immediate attention. Digvir Jayas, former Canada Research Chair in stored grain ecosystems […] Read more

It’s time to develop storage strategies

High grain prices, high input costs and better than average yields add up to a lot of risk. As a result, it’s vital to devise a storage strategy ahead of time to avoid insect and moisture damage. The place to start is a thoroughly cleaned bin, whether it’s a flat bottomed grain bin on wood, […] Read more

You get what you pay for, bin maker says

A lot is said in the marketing world about “commercial grade” pickups and more recently “commercial grade” grain bins. Is it real or just hype? “I think for pick-up trucks, it’s really more of a marketing term aimed at business owners who want an industrial image,” said Harvey Kuhar, owner of Farm West Bins in […] Read more

Long-term benefit in stainless hopper bin

ROSENORT, Man. — Novid, known for its flat-bottom stainless steel liquid bins, introduced a new stainless steel hopper bottom granular bin this summer. “Farmers who saw it at the Farm Progress Show were excited about the idea, but they voiced concerns about the cost,” said Novid manager Brent Friesen. “Like our stainless flat bottom bin, […] Read more

Systems keep tabs on bins

Cable sensors measure heat and humidity every 15 minutes

Two new systems measuring temperature and humidity levels in bins could save farmers thousands of dollars in losses from spoiled grain. The remote systems of sensors and wireless communications networks connect to a farmer’s computer or smart phone with an e-mail or text message to warn something is amiss. Management of Calgary has released […] Read more

Don’t bag wet canola, warn researchers

University of Manitoba researchers have concluded that farmers should not store wet canola in grain bags because canola at 14 percent moisture content begins to spoil after only six weeks. “Fourteen percent moisture content is not a moisture content at which you should be storing canola in these bags under Manitoba conditions or, I would […] Read more