The expansion of on-farm grain handling systems isn’t only due to expanding acres. Farmers must move large volumes of grain to optimize moisture levels before shipping. Pneumatic systems like the  VersaLoop add more versatility for shifting the grain around. | GSI photo

Top reasons to build a better bin system

Expanding farmers are growing their grain-handling systems, not only for larger volumes from increased acres, but also as a marketing tool allowing them to blend grain or sell later. Farmers sometimes build a new system to access three-phase power, natural gas and hardtop roads, according to Jayde Klassen with Wentworth Ag, the GSI dealer in […] Read more

The all-time record for on-farm grain storage occurred in 2014 when March 31 on-farm stocks were estimated at 33.967 million tonnes.  |  File photo

On-farm grain storage third highest in 10 years

Prairie farmers were storing an estimated 29 million tonnes 
of grain and oilseeds on their farms as of March 31

Prairie farmers had an estimated 29 million tonnes of grain and oilseeds on their farms as of March 31, according to Statistics Canada’s Stocks of Grain and Oilseeds report released May 11. That’s slightly higher than the five-year average of 28.4 million tonnes, according to historical StatsCan data. It’s also the third highest amount of […] Read more

Farmer Thurman Gaskill of Corwith, Iowa, left, expanded his grain system last year. He poses with Adam Abels from Ag Advantage Systems, which designed and built the expansion project. Gaskill said planning was essential.  |  Gaskill photo

More acres require grain bin upgrades

As expanding farmers buy or rent more land, their first priority is securing the necessary seeding rigs, sprayers and then harvest equipment. There’s no denying the logic of this chronology. Without field equipment, there is no crop. However, the rush to address cropping requirements of those new acres means the grain-handling assets required to service […] Read more

Farmer Thurman Gaskill’s farm grain system expansion at Corwith, Iowa.  |  Gaskill photo

Bin plans need to go in before the crop

Dave Wall’s phone starts ringing off the wall in August when farmers realize they’ll harvest more crop than their systems can handle and they want to add capacity and maybe a few upgrades at the same time. Wall owns Wall Grain, one of the largest dealers of grain-handling and storage systems on the Prairies. He’s […] Read more

Big Mother is a 4,000-bushel portable grain bin that carries a list price of US $119,000.  It’s built in South Dakota. The 22-inch unload auger delivers 900 bushels per minute and requires a minimum 200 h.p. tractor. The front pair of tires have follow-type steering. The two rear tires have hydraulic steering controlled from the tractor cab.
|  Robin Booker photo

Grain storage on the move

FARGO, ND — A 4,000 bushel bin may not seem significant. But if it’s mobile, with 14 big tires and its own 900 bushel per minute unload auger, it might come in handy at harvest. That’s what Walkabout Mother Bins is all about, said Katie Hansen, sales representative for USAKanagroo, the company in Webster, South […] Read more

Wireless bin monitoring system eliminates storage woes

LANGHAM, Sask. — It’s a beautiful winter payday. The B-train and auger are set up and ready. The auger is powering into the bin. Then the smell hits. Next the grain flow chugs to a stop. “Now, this does not need to happen in today’s world,” Wayne Clews, founder of Clews Management, says passionately. “All […] Read more

An emerging problem with tall bins is that they are becoming nearly as tall as the grain legs that are supposed to feed them. This creates a very shallow angle between the leg and the top of the bin, making it more difficult to operate the leg effectively.  |  GSI photo

Build your own handling system

Expanding your farm’s size has benefits when it comes to economy of scale. But just like higher grain yields, the higher volume can create a schmozzle with your grain handling system. Buying or renting new land nearly always means spreading the farm further afield. That can leave you with grain bins scattered far apart. Or, […] Read more

Naomi Manu and Paul Armstrong test moisture stored in bags while gathering data in Ghana on the Post Harvest Loss meter.  |  ARS-USDA Photo

Moisture meter targets grain loss in developing world

American researchers have developed a new test to measure moisture in stored grain. While a wide variety of other moisture testers are already on the market, this one is specially designed for its low cost and ease of manufacturing. Paul Armstrong, lead scientist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agriculture Research Service, said the Post […] Read more

GrainsConnect's elevator at Wilkie will be similar to this one now under construction at Maymont, Sask. | GrainsConnect photo

GrainsConnect plans elevator for Sask.

GrainsConnect plans to build a $30 million grain elevator at Wilkie, Sask., 130 kilometres west of Saskatoon. The 35,000 tonne storage capacity elevator, which is similar to the one under construction at Maymont, Sask., will be able to load 130 cars in 10 hours. Canadian National Railway will serve it, a company news release said. […] Read more

Karl Gerrand, CEO of G3 Canada, smiles in front of the new elevator in Glenlea, Man.  |  Ed White photo

VIDEO: G3 expansion driven by speed

Automated and integrated systems enable elevators to unload thousands of tonnes of grain with as few as 10 workers

GLENLEA, Man. — All of a sudden, new concrete and steel giants seem to spring up from the soil to suck in and spit out farmers’ crops. Announcements of new elevator projects have come quickly during the past few years, but it’s inside the massive structures that lightning-fast speed is most evident to the farmers […] Read more