Who is Carey Gillam?

To people who are skeptical about pesticides and leery of global agri-companies, Carey Gillam is a truth-telling hero. To Monsanto and supporters of modern agriculture, Gillam is a campaigner, a spreader of misinformation and an irrational activist. Gillam, who was an agricultural reporter for Reuters in Kansas City from 1998 to 2015, sees it differently. […] Read more

Agriculture in the Classroom in a pickle over GM apple

An Agriculture in the Classroom webinar drew fire last week because of its content involving the controversial Arctic Apple, a variety genetically modified to be non-browning. The Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN) said the webinar content had inappropriate product placement and collaborated with Council of Canadians and several other groups in sending a letter to […] Read more

Biotech advances not helping poor: breeder

RED DEER — Proponents of genetically modified crops often say such crops are needed to help feed the world’s poor and expanding population. They should stop using that argument, says a Cornell University plant breeder, because so far it hasn’t proven true. Margaret Smith told those at the Western Canadian Dairy Seminar March 8 that […] Read more

Consumers opposed to GM don’t understand plant breeding

Everyone has eaten fruit and vegetables altered through traditional crossbreeding, ‘unless you gather all your food from the wild’: breeder

RED DEER — Consumer concern about the safety of genetically modified food stems from lack of understanding about plant breeding regardless of type, says an American corn breeder and professor at Cornell University. Margaret Smith said people have been modifying crops through domestication, selection and cross breeding for about 200 years, and genetic modification is […] Read more

New York Times ignored GM crop benefits

The New York Times claimed Oct. 29 that it had conducted an “extensive examination” of genetically modified crops and found their benefits to be lacking. The use of the word “‘extensive” by the media is a bit of an oxymoron. It is certainly the case in this situation because the Times would appear to have […] Read more

Forage growers educate on GM alfalfa

FAIRVIEW, Alta. — The Peace Region Forage Seed Association has taken steps to educate people about genetically modified alfalfa. It has hired Bill and Jane Farney to meet with producers and government and acquaint them with the risks the crop might present to market access for alfalfa seed. Heather Kerschbaumer, president of Forage Seed Canada, […] Read more

OPINION: Stop the GM controversy in organics

Organic activists would like you to believe that their brand pre-exists in nature the way fresh air and clean water do. It does not. Organic food exists only because we have come up with a legal framework by which to define it. And it’s a mind-numbing legal framework — just ask any organic farmer who’s […] Read more

Further GM apple review not necessary

This is a response by Robert Saik to the Op-Ed published (in The Western Producer) Sept. 4 entitled, “Public review urged for GM apple,” by British Columbia New Democrat agriculture critic and MLA Nicholas Simons. As I read this article, I got the feeling that Mr. Simons was either unaware of many of the facts regarding […] Read more

France plans to ignore court and restore GM corn ban

France plans to ignore court and restore GM corn ban

PARIS, France (Reuters) — France has launched a move to restore a ban on genetically modified corn that was annulled by its top court. It hopes to prevent the variety from being seeded this spring, which could raise public outcry in a country strongly opposed to GM crops. A senator of the ruling Socialist party […] Read more

GM crops help produce more with less

There have recently been protests against biotechnology firms and products. Many signs people were shown waving in the protests were perplexing to say the least. Demonstrations of this nature raise the question as to what foods could be constituted as genetically modified. In Canada, it has been estimated that GM food and food ingredients are […] Read more