Only two whole-food GM products are part of the regular human diet. GM potatoes and tomatoes briefly appeared on the market but were withdrawn.  |  File photo

GM crops help produce more with less

There have recently been protests against biotechnology firms and products. Many signs people were shown waving in the protests were perplexing to say the least. Demonstrations of this nature raise the question as to what foods could be constituted as genetically modified. In Canada, it has been estimated that GM food and food ingredients are […] Read more

Opponents of biotechnology, such as these recently protesting against GM alfalfa, continually ignore the proven benefits of modern agriculture, says CropLife Canada president Lorne Hepworth. |  File photo

Biotechnology opposition off base

Innovation is key to keeping Canada’s agricultural sector strong. Science-based regulatory systems ensure that such innovations are safe for human health and the environment. Innovations derived through modern plant breeding help farmers, are good for the environment and deliver tangible benefits to consumers by way of lower food costs. Agricultural innovation, including plant biotechnology, has […] Read more

The Canadian Biotechnology Action Network says the unintentional spread of genetically modified alfalfa is inevitable.  |  File photo

GM alfalfa opponents say spread inevitable

Report outlines factors that would encourage spread | Seed trade association is developing coexistence strategies

A report released last week by the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network states its position in the title: The Inevitability of Contamination from GM Alfalfa Release in Ontario. Roundup Ready alfalfa has been approved for release in Canada, and U.S. based Forage Genetics International has the commercialization rights. It has applied for Canadian registration, and that […] Read more

Genetically modified sweet corn is the first insect and herbicide resistant crop that would be widely consumed as a whole unprocessed food.  |  File photo

Eat GM sweet corn? I’d rather eat bugs

A damning new peer-reviewed study, “Long-term toxicity of a Roundup herbicide and a Roundup-tolerant genetically modified maize,” is calling into question not only the safety of genetically modified food but the stringency of government regulations and assessments. For the first time, a long-term and comprehensive study — two years, 200 rats and 100 plus parameters […] Read more