Brand new Brent cart handles the bends

FARGO, N.D. — Unverferth brought its new Brent 2017 Vision Series grain carts to the Big Iron farm show in Fargo earlier this year to show that the bent auger-corner auger-single auger concept is alive and well. “The Vision Series is a whole new cart design for 2017, addressing the four main concerns farmers have,” […] Read more

Case powers up with new transmissions

The constant variable transmission allows operators to preset speeds and let the CVX Drive pick the most efficient range

RED DEER — Case IH’s Steiger high-horsepower tractors are more powerful than previous versions because of two new transmission offerings — A CVX Drive Series that includes a constant variable transmission, as well as a redesigned powershift transmission. “We just introduced a new constant variable transmission that go in our tractors from 370 h.p. up […] Read more

New Holland tweaks latest class of combines

RED DEER — New Holland has a 700 horsepower combine coming off of its 2018 production line, the CR10.90 Revelation. There are updates common to all classes of the Revelation model combines, but only the largest CR10.90 series will receive a bump in horsepower. “The Class 10 combine does get a power bump for model […] Read more

Back to the basics: SnowDog moves things from A to B

The Russian built machine takes farmers from pasture checks and fencing chores to jobs transporting feed out or calves in

FARGO, N.D. — Remember when snowmobiles were cheap and the technology simple? Well, those days might be returning with the back-to-basics SnowDog built in Russia. Some of the earliest snow machine contrivances in North America consisted of a power unit driving the track and pulling a single sled or train of sleds holding the driver […] Read more

Scraper, ditcher, road grader makes many jobs easier

A UAV helicopter (unmanned aerial vehicle) bouncing a pulsating laser beam off the Earth’s surface can produce a topographical field map with sub-one-inch accuracy. The result is a highly precise drainage map. The system is called LIDAR, standing for Light Detection and Ranging. Until recently, it was only affordable in the realm of geoscience researchers. […] Read more

Is it a ditcher — or is it a time machine?

FARGO, N.D. — In a wet year, any given quarter on Nathan Boll’s farm will see 10 to 20 percent of the acres lost to water. Some fields lose up to 50 percent. It’s really more of a time management issue than a water management issue says Boll, who farms at Newburg, North Dakota. Boll […] Read more

Morris ownership focuses on western Canadian roots

Morris Industries Ltd. has a new chief executive officer and a new majority shareholder. The Saskatoon-based farm implement manufacturer announced Sept. 5 that Ben Voss will take over as the company’s top executive, replacing former CEO and majority shareholder Casey Davis. Voss and Davis made a joint decision to transition majority ownership to a group […] Read more

Can equipment makers do more to make a greener machine?

Major technological breakthroughs designed to reduce the carbon footprint of diesel engine emissions may not be coming any time soon. “I don’t know of any new technology coming down the pipe,” said Harvey Chorney of the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute in Winnipeg. “I think they (equipment manufacturers) have gone as far as they can in […] Read more

VIDEO: Autonomous agriculture has been reimagined

    Long cold winters, intense and short farming seasons, tight margins and shortage of labour have long been credited for Western Canada’s agricultural innovations. For the past three winters, one of the fathers of reduced tillage equipment has been taking in the sun in Mexico and considering the next step-change in agriculture autonomous work. […] Read more

Little planter busts record

A 16-row Vaderstad Tempo corn planter set a new world record putting down 1,240 acres in 24 hours, breaking the old record of 1,108 acres set with a 24-row planter. The record run of the Tempo L 16 averaged more than 13 m.p.h., including stops for the crew to manually fill the hoppers. At the […] Read more