Unverfirth says it has set a new industry standard with their 14-foot nine-inch wide NutriMax fertilizer applicator. Looks are deceiving. There’s a 2,600 gallon tank hiding inside this compact applicator. The NutriMax has an optional steering system but there are no brakes as standard equipment
or as an option. | Robin Booker photo

VIDEO: Go narrow or go home

FARGO, N.D. — The split nitrogen trend sent Unverfirth back to the drawing board for a new applicator specifically for split application. While there, they made it the narrowest applicator in the industry. “The NutriMax is definitely a split application machine. That’s what our engineers had in mind when they started with a fresh sheet […] Read more

With the depth control rollers at the back and the short distance between them and the working tools, depth control on the Heliodor 9 is very precise, says Lemken’s Laurent Letzter. Although the official company line says cultivator speed and quality of job are more important than size, Lemken’s Laurent Letzter doesn’t mind mentioning that the Heliodor is the biggest compact disc on the market. Heliodor disk geometry is noticeably radical with an angle of 10.5 degrees to the soil’s surface and 16.5 degrees to the direction of travel. |  Robin Booker photo

VIDEO: Speed and quality outrank size

LANGHAM, Sask. — The vertical tillage equipment introduced to Western Canada a decade ago evolved into the latest generation of high-speed compact cultivators. But the story doesn’t stop there. Lemken has been at the forefront of these changes since 2006, but it says terms like vertical tillage don’t apply to its way of thinking about […] Read more

A Deere Harvestlab 3000 mounted to a Joskin manure slurry tanker applies manure to field in Germany.  |  John Deere photo

Harvestlab monitors beginning to end

KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany — Reading the state of forage as it left the chopper opened up producers’ abilities to manage their feed input. Using it after silaging gave real-time cattle management. Now it’s managing what comes out of the livestock. The new model, Harvestlab 3000, has a broader use of the light spectrum than its predecessors, […] Read more

By eliminating the bend, the knuckle and the soft-start rubber,  the Xtended-Reach auger can be firmly fixed to the cart body and the auger is driven directly from the gearbox. | Robin Booker photo

Grain cart design improves side reach, operator visibility

J&M thinks their new Xtended-Reach fixed position auger 
is a better way to deal with high horsepower tractors

FARGO, N.D. — Grain cart engineers at J&M have abandoned their adjustable unload auger concept, opting for a fixed, in-line auger that places the spout closer to the front, nearer to the tractor driver while maintaining good side reach. The Xtended-Reach in-line auger is a more efficient layout for moving grain, according to Shannon Grieshop, […] Read more

The SP310F, New Holland’s latest Guardian front boom sprayer, comes with a 310 horsepower FPT engine and an optional injection system with four 50 gallon tanks with three chemical injection pumps that provide for variable rate or spot spraying.  |  New Holland photo

New Holland steals best combine features for sprayer cab

RED DEER — The most obvious change to New Holland’s latest model of Guardian Front Boom sprayer, the SP310F, is the redesigned cab. “This is the first time that New Holland has built a cab for their sprayers,” said Don Keller of New Holland during Agri-Trade in Red Deer. “You won’t find this cab on […] Read more

Unverferth’s Brent Vision cart addresses operator concerns about unload speed, spout visibility, auger reach and cleanup.  |  Robin Booker photo

Brand new Brent cart handles the bends

FARGO, N.D. — Unverferth brought its new Brent 2017 Vision Series grain carts to the Big Iron farm show in Fargo earlier this year to show that the bent auger-corner auger-single auger concept is alive and well. “The Vision Series is a whole new cart design for 2017, addressing the four main concerns farmers have,” […] Read more

Mitch Kaiser of CaseIH saw the company’s new CVX Drive transmission draw a large crowd of producers at this year’s Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois.  |  Michael Raine photo

Case powers up with new transmissions

The constant variable transmission allows operators to preset speeds and let the CVX Drive pick the most efficient range

RED DEER — Case IH’s Steiger high-horsepower tractors are more powerful than previous versions because of two new transmission offerings — A CVX Drive Series that includes a constant variable transmission, as well as a redesigned powershift transmission. “We just introduced a new constant variable transmission that go in our tractors from 370 h.p. up […] Read more

New Holland claims the updates in the CR Revelation improves capacity by up to 10 percent and lowers the power needed to separate the grain by up to 75 horsepower over the previous Elevation series of combines.
| New Holland photo

New Holland tweaks latest class of combines

RED DEER — New Holland has a 700 horsepower combine coming off of its 2018 production line, the CR10.90 Revelation. There are updates common to all classes of the Revelation model combines, but only the largest CR10.90 series will receive a bump in horsepower. “The Class 10 combine does get a power bump for model […] Read more

The SnowDog is powered by an American-built Briggs & Stratton, in either a 7.5 h.p. or 13 h.p. version. The wide track allows the machine to work in mud and marshy conditions year round.
|  Robin Booker photo

Back to the basics: SnowDog moves things from A to B

The Russian built machine takes farmers from pasture checks and fencing chores to jobs transporting feed out or calves in

FARGO, N.D. — Remember when snowmobiles were cheap and the technology simple? Well, those days might be returning with the back-to-basics SnowDog built in Russia. Some of the earliest snow machine contrivances in North America consisted of a power unit driving the track and pulling a single sled or train of sleds holding the driver […] Read more

The same machine can crown a road or crown a back slope when the wings are back past the centre line, or contour a ditch when the wings are forward. With the wings raised, the full force of the machine is concentrated on the six-foot wide blade at the centre of the machine for work in hard ground.  |  Bridgeview Manufacturing photo

Scraper, ditcher, road grader makes many jobs easier

A UAV helicopter (unmanned aerial vehicle) bouncing a pulsating laser beam off the Earth’s surface can produce a topographical field map with sub-one-inch accuracy. The result is a highly precise drainage map. The system is called LIDAR, standing for Light Detection and Ranging. Until recently, it was only affordable in the realm of geoscience researchers. […] Read more