A Cranford, Alta., farmer used his cultivator to show his support for prime minister Stephen Harper. |  Submitted photo

Alberta farmer creates gigantic election sign

When Bill Tamminga saw a photo of an Ontario field bearing a political message, he decided to respond in kind. The farmer from Cranford, Alta., plowed one gigantic word into his wheat stubble field last week: Harper. The letters are each 150 metres tall and the word itself is 800 metres wide. A day later, […] Read more

Talk of ‘old stock Canadians’ lit up Twitter as debate unfolded

Yelling at the television or radio used to be the only way viewers could interact with a broadcast. While this strategy does help vent frustrations, it also doesn’t help viewers contribute to the experience other people have of the event, aside from a handful of neighbours. Today, there are lively social media threads for almost […] Read more

Experts predict rural voters will remain loyal to the Conservative party this election.  |  William DeKay photo illustration

How the West was won

For most of the 1980s, the Progressive Conservative party didn’t have a prayer in the federal riding of Yorkton-Melville. PC candidates in the elections of 1980, 1984 and 1988 garnered only 35 percent of the vote and finished a distant second behind NDP MP Lorne Nystrom. Two decades later, in the 2000s, the voting pattern […] Read more

Mulcair supports supply management in Lethbridge stop

A federal NDP government would protect Canada’s supply management system within any Trans-Pacific Partnership deal, says party leader Thomas Mulcair. He made a campaign stop in Lethbridge Sept. 15, the first leader among the federal parties to visit southern Alberta during the election campaign. “If you’re in dairy or in egg or poultry production, you’re […] Read more

Josh Boyes, campaign manager for Conservative MP Kelly Block, installs a sign at a home in Warman, Sask., Aug. 31. Farm groups say agriculture hasn’t been on the political parties’ radar in this election.  |  William DeKay photo

Ag keeps low profile in election campaign

Panelists at a recent discussion said the industry provides one in eight jobs in Canada but is often ignored by the public

A month into the campaign heading toward the Oct. 19 federal vote and none of Canada’s main political parties has made any specific agricultural promises. The industry’s profile in any federal campaign is rarely high, even though it provides one in eight jobs and food processing tops Canada’s manufacturing sector, noted panelists discussing agriculture policy […] Read more

The Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan wants to know where candidates in the federal election stand on agricultural issues.  |  File photo

Where is ag platform in election?

Agriculture is a solid contributor to the national economy, accounting for nine percent of the gross domestic product, 2.4 million jobs and $26.5 billion in exports. Clearly, agriculture is a national strength. However, our federal party leaders have rarely mentioned agriculture in their campaigns, and it was absent in the first leaders’ debate. The Agricultural […] Read more

VIDEO: Foodgrains bank wants candidates grilled on foreign aid

The international aid budget has been declining despite the government’s commitment to improving maternal and child health overseas

Candidates and party leaders often focus on voters’ selfish interests, but the Canadian Foodgrains Bank hopes its supporters can also make them think about international aid. “We’re reminding (the parties) that international aid really does matter, it does make a difference,” said James Kornelsen, the food-grains bank’s public engagement co-ordinator. “Because the (international aid) budget […] Read more