MacAulay gets local stamp of approval

Prairie farmers may wonder if someone from the Maritimes can represent the interests of western Canadian agriculture, but producers in Prince Edward Island have confidence in Lawrence MacAulay. “Lawrence likes to mix with the people. He’s an ordinary guy…. He’ll listen to you and he’ll try to do the best to accommodate you or solve […] Read more

Lawrence MacAulay, Canada's new agriculture minister, addresses the media at the House of Commons. MacAulay is an Ottawa veteran. He's served as MP from Prince Edward Island for 27 years . | Robert Arnason photo

Meet the new federal ag minister

OTTAWA — After a long, hectic and chaotic day, Lawrence MacAulay should be forgiven for his brevity. MacAulay, a Prince Edward Island MP, was sworn in as Canada’s new agriculture minister yesterday morning in Ottawa. Following an afternoon cabinet meeting at the House of Commons, MacAulay took his turn at the microphone very late in […] Read more

Lawrence MacAulay, a former potato farmer from PEI has been named minister of agriculture and agri-food in prime minister Justin Trudeau's newly-sworn-in cabinet. | Photo courtesy CBC

PEI MP named new ag minister

UPDATED: November 4, 2015 – 1030 CST – Lawrence MacAulay, MP for Cardigan, will be sworn in as minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food earlier today in Ottawa. MacAulay is a veteran MP, serving in Ottawa in that capacity since 1988. MacAulay formerly served as Minister of Labour, Solicitor General of Canada and other posts. He […] Read more

The Liberals promised to double spending on infrastructure projects to spur the economy.  |  File photo

Infrastructure tops Sask. wish list

Rural municipalities in Saskatchewan are hoping that a majority Liberal government in Ottawa will spend more money to rebuild the country’s aging rural infrastructure. Ray Orb, president of the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities, said his organization is eager to see how a Liberal government led by Justin Trudeau carries through on a promise to […] Read more

Liberal MP Ralph Goodale has been in the spotlight for decades, like at this SARM meeting in 2009.  |  File photo

Lone Liberal represents Sask.

Saskatchewan has gone from 13 representatives on the government side of the House of Commons to just one. But that one is Ralph Goodale, in Regina-Wascana, who last week won his eighth straight campaign and is destined for a top cabinet post. He has already served in agriculture, finance, public works and other portfolios. He […] Read more

As Justin Trudeau's liberals swept to power on Monday night, stakeholders in Canadian agriculture were left wondering what the power transfer will mean for the industry. | Image by Taha Ghaznavi, flicker

Liberal gov’t likely to bring few ag changes

As the Liberal government under the guidance of Justin Trudeau prepares to take control in Ottawa, stakeholders in Canadian agriculture were left wondering what the power transfer will mean for the industry. Keystone Agricultural Producers president Dan Mazier said the Liberals have reached out to build relationships with producer organizations over the past few years […] Read more

Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau is greeted by supporters as he arrives to give his victory speech after Canada's federal election in Montreal, Quebec, October 19, 2015. | REUTERS photo

What a Liberal majority gov’t means for farmers

Farm leaders say they don’t expect the Oct. 19 win by the Liberals and Justin Trudeau to change Canada’s commitment to the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Trudeau was non-committal on the trade deal signed during the 78-day election campaign, saying his party supported free trade but he wanted to see details before endorsing it. He promised a […] Read more

Liberal victory redraws political landscape

It was a stunning victory. After nearly a decade in political office, prime minister Stephen Harper and the Conservatives were relegated to opposition benches Monday night, unseated by Justin Trudeau and the Liberals who surged to a 184-seat majority. It was a swift and decisive win. The Liberals breathlessly swept entire regions of the country. […] Read more

Will prairie voices be heard with Liberal government?

So many questions. That’s what we’re left to think in the Prairies after Justin Trudeau’s Liberals swept to power on Monday night. A party that has not been welcomed on the Prairies for many years is now in power in Ottawa. And times have changed significantly since prime minister Paul Martin held power in 2006. […] Read more

Rural prairies stay mostly blue

Canada’s political landscape changed dramatically this week but if the winds of change were gale-forced in other parts of the country, they were more like a soft autumn breeze on the Prairies. Rural voters in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta who have traditionally supported the Conservatives stayed true to form in 2015, electing Conservative MPs in […] Read more