Look to Producer for Agribition what, when, who

If you’ve been visiting The Western Producer’s website this week, you might have noticed we’ve been busy over at Canadian Western Agribition in Regina. The Producer has been running a live blog all week, capturing the images and events. It’s an interesting way to keep tabs on what’s going on. You can scroll through the […] Read more

Belt tightening on the way for provinces

Doug Horner, Alberta’s finance minister, is on the record saying there will be no tax increases and no new sales tax in the province’s March 7 budget. However, he admits this budget is “not going to be fun.” No kidding. Alberta oil has been selling at about $42 per barrel less than U.S. crude, and […] Read more

Snow comes in all shapes and wetness

You may have noticed a whole bunch of “not availables” in the precipitation portion of the weather summary on page 87 of the Jan. 24 Western Producer. It’s not something we wanted to do, but the percent of normal part of the weather summary just didn’t look quite right in the Jan. 17 edition. Everyone […] Read more

Serving up an old favourite for a limited engagement, with a twist

Western people are tough, innovative, talented, entrepreneurial and hard-working. Is it the weather? The pioneer mentality? Whatever the personality-forming elements, we’re one amazing bunch, and in this edition of The Western Producer, we are celebrating some of the people who embody the western ethic. We have adopted the name of this edition from a magazine […] Read more

Learning doesn’t take a vacation

Palm Springs does not exactly leap to mind as the first place to study agriculture. I admit to having been much more interested, at least at first, in the azure pool and bright flowers just outside the little hotel room we booked for a week of R & R. However, as that burned-out feeling began […] Read more