Cell service: a basic utility

Cellular signals have become an anchor for many of the precision agriculture tools that have been or are being developed for the industry. Trouble is, farming is small when it comes to telecommunications. Farming is relatively small for IT in general. Everything for ag costs more because developers and suppliers have to earn enough to […] Read more

WP top 10 online stories

It’s time for our semi-annual look at what our online viewers are reading. The results are always interesting and instructive for us at The Western Producer. Our 10th most read story this year is “Survey reveals ‘amazing’ soil loss in Great Plains region.” Published in January, this story pointed out that large amounts of nitrogen […] Read more

Introducing Farmzilla.com

Classified ads hold a special place in farming culture, and that includes The Western Producer. I’ve heard readers say they only get The Producer for the classifieds, in the same way that some say they only subscribed to Playgirl magazine for the articles. There is some truth in there, but you have to dig into […] Read more

At $26.5 million, Miner Creek Farm is one of the larger farm sales in Canadian history.  |  Ted Cawkwell photo

WP’s most read stories

Each year, we offer a look at the most popular stories at producer.com. It’s interesting to see the eclectic mix of stories that pique readers’ interest. From 2016, here is The Western Producer’s Top 10 list. 10. “Diagnosing lumps and bumps.” A column about cattle infections published in June by columnist John Campbell. 9. “Prairie […] Read more

Glen Entz has some ride-alongs with him as he combines a canola field east of the MacMillan Hutterite Colony west of Cayley, Alta., Oct. 21.  The image has sparked some discussion regarding farm safety. |  Mike Sturk photo

Safety always an important discussion

Raised on the farm? Most of us who read this publication’s words were. It can be a great place to grow up. In modern society, opportunities to learn about the natural world in ways that let one be a part of it every day, at a time of life when the mind and body are […] Read more

Former WP editor Keith Dryden dead

To Western Producer readers, he was Keith Dryden, reporter, Agricultural Editor, Managing Editor, Executive Editor and finally Editor and Deputy Publisher of WP. But to many who knew him personally, he was a boy from Tufnell, Sask., who became a journalist and served his readers. Dryden died Oct. 11 at age 90 but his work […] Read more

Are you ready for the future?

The world of agriculture is changing so fast — from top to bottom — that over the next few years, we may be wondering, “what have we done?” Two years ago, Agri-Trend’s Rob Saik wrote a book called The Agriculture Manifesto, which predicted massive change in the industry, driven by 10 factors such as “non-science” […] Read more

Sensationalism versus the facts

If you are wondering why The Western Producer is running a photo and a story about an animal activist’s experience with a bloody livestock trailer (page 64), I wouldn’t be surprised. Across the nation, the general media has picked up the story and run with it. But for the WP, this is not a “me-too” […] Read more

Seven things you need to know

Did you see it? Everybody is looking at it. You need to see it. “It” is nothing. It is click-bait online. It is marketing-hype about pseudoscience in place of real research. It wants your time, your money or both. It either doesn’t carry much weight, or none at all. The media has gone through an […] Read more

This photo by WP photog WIlliam DeKay was among those awarded silver in the

WP staff recognized for excellent work

The Western Producer is read all over the world, both in print and online. Now, we’re also recognized in a far-flung part of the world in a different way. Our Calgary bureau’s Barb Duckworth recently placed second in the 2014 International Federation of Agricultural Journalists Star Prize for print journalism. The awards were announced during […] Read more