The drones are coming to spray your crops

Roga Drone is the first company to receive Transport Canada approval to apply crop protection products with a drone. “We thought there might be a little niche of aerial applications of pesticides by drones,” said Don Campbell of Roga Drone. Getting the Transport Canada special flight operating certificate for aerial application by unmanned aerial vehicles […] Read more

The little plane that did

A farmer and a Toronto entrepreneur have taken their dream from door knocking to delivery in 2 1/2 years. Norm Lamothe and David MacMillan came together to lift agricultural aerial drones to the level of large-scale service provider. “When you have a family farm with limited acres you need another plan to ensure you have […] Read more

Sensor sensibility

Canadian farmers are dithering when it comes to using specialized sensors, according to a Glacier FarmMedia survey. In an online survey filled out by 428 farmers from late August to mid-October, only seven percent of respondents said they have fully adopted the use of specialized sensors, and only 20 percent are actively testing them. In […] Read more

Drone video used for court cases

Aerial drones are known as tools to help farmers in the field, but the gadgets are becoming increasingly known in court rooms or dispute hearings to help farmers more quickly resolve cases, and maybe get a better deal. Keith Wilson, an agriculture and environmental lawyer who has worked in Alberta’s Farmers’ Advocate Office, has been […] Read more

New ear tags, drones keep tabs

KAMLOOPS, B.C. — When it comes to managing his cattle, Jeff Braisher has found it all comes down to one thing. Whether the British Columbia rancher is counting cattle, tracking movement of his herd or assessing weight gains, his biggest conundrum is figuring out how to make an ear tag stay in the cow’s ear. […] Read more

Field edge analysis platform delivers the news fast

Sentera’s new software allows growers to send their drones out 
to gather photos, determine trouble spots and take action quickly

Farmers who access early warning data on poor emergence have the opportunity to spray out or rip up those tardy acres for replanting or go in with remedial nutrition to rescue them. The key is to know as soon as possible after emergence if you need to take such action. One week too late can […] Read more

Drones spit out facts, not answers

LACOMBE, Alta. — Chris Neeser has been studying drones for Alberta Agriculture since 2014 to gauge the usefulness of current technology in agricultural applications. “We examined the usefulness of imagery from UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) for the purpose of weed and disease forecasting, and hopefully the process might answer some of the questions in case […] Read more

VIDEO: Drones get civilized for agriculture

As drones become more affordable and flyable, an increasing number of growers are kicking the propellers as they try to figure out how to implement this emerging technology on their farms. The sky’s the limit in terms of the possible agricultural applications, but there is a limit to the amount of time and money farmers […] Read more

Preflight checklists make flights safe and data sound

When farmers are preparing drones for the season’s reconnaissance, there are vital preparations and decisions that must first be addressed. Producers should have a checklist of things to look at before launching their drones. First, says Felix Weber, operators must check to see whether they have the right approvals. “The law has changed as of […] Read more

Mini-drone fitted with sensor to aid crop scouting

Farmers know the value of early field scouting: finding stressed plants early can allow for quick intervention and save yields. The real question often comes down to a matter of cost efficiency: how much to pay up front in the hopes that the investment will pay off later? Crop scouting may have become more affordable […] Read more