VIDEO: Drone use shows promise as ranch helper

Researchers look to ‘precision ranching’ to help cattle producers carry out basic tasks and pasture management

KAMLOOPS, B.C. — Research designed to develop drones to help with routine ranch work has been given a $664,000 grant. John Church, Innovation Chair in Cattle Industry Sustainability at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, and his team are working with drones to carry out basic ranch tasks. Those include searching for, monitoring and herding cattle, […] Read more

Drone puts on a bottle and gets into the application business

A remote controlled aircraft maker from China has stepped into small agriculture in a big way. DJI is taking orders in China for a battery powered, eight-motor helicopter with a 2.6 gallon spray tank. The company said the drone can cover about 10 acres an hour at low water rates, even with four battery changes […] Read more

VIDEO: Farming from above

Crop scouting aircraft downloads pictures instantly to help farmers assess trouble spots

GWYNNE, Alta. — The joke in Bret Chilcott’s family was that the Kansas farm boy wasted all the money he earned working on his father’s farm on flying lessons and model aircraft. Chilcott has now combined his knowledge of farming, flying and model aircraft to design and build a plane to map agricultural land. “This […] Read more

Eye in the sky tells no lies

Drone chopper | Battery-powered machine scouts fields slowly, precisely and costs half as much

If the $75,000 US price tag on a gas-powered field-scouting AutoCopter G15 is too expensive, the company has just released a battery-powered version called SuperScout for about half the price. The original AutoCopter G15, which was introduced three years ago, has a six-foot rotor span and is powered by a small two-cycle en-gine. It has […] Read more