Truth in newspaper photos

How big was the crowd at the CWB rally I attended Friday on the western edge of Winnipeg? There were about 200-250 people there, I figured from rough counting I did. So I’d call that a medium deal. It wasn’t small. It wasn’t huge. About the same number of farmers were at the Versatile Tractor […] Read more

One for the historical record?

About an hour from now the Canadian Wheat Board Alliance, the Friends of the Canadian Wheat Board and the National Farmers Union will hold a pro-monopoly rally here in Winnipeg. I wonder what the point is, but I don’t mean that to sound like a challenge. I actually do wonder what they hope to achieve. […] Read more

China to the rescue?

It’s been quite a week of can-kicking in Europe! The trillion dollar bandaid Eurobosses announced this week has helped and continue a stock market rally the likes we haven’t seen in the S and P since 1974. So there we are – back to that reliving the 1970s feeling I keep writing about. The 1970s […] Read more

Why Europe doesn’t work. Why Canada does

The biggest determinant of commodity price trends – including crop and meat price trends – over the next year will almost certainly be what happens to Europe and the Euro. Tomorrow – actually late tonight in Eurotime – their financial heavies will unveil – or not – the outline of a plan to save the […] Read more

First CWB. Then Supply Management? Not likely

Right now I’m listening to the Canadian restaurant association on CBC’s The Current calling for supply management to be ditched so that consumers won’t have to pay such high prices for things like dairy products, eggs, chickens. After all, the Canadian Wheat Board is being dismantled, so why not supply management too, is the argument. […] Read more

Not much conciliation there

I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when I looked at the Manitoba Speech From The Throne and found no threats of action against the hog industry. Perhaps, methought, the provincial government is going to back away from what has seemed to most in the agricultural industry to be a very antagonistic approach and one that hasn’t […] Read more

Some flesh on the Five Year Plan bones

(Follow me on Twitter: @EdWhiteMarkets) Today is Manitoba’s Speech from the Throne, so we should get some sense of the main foci of the re-elected Greg Selinger NDP government and any substantial farmer-oriented policies they are planning. All Throne Speeches are weak on details and strong on good-sounding words that are vague but enticing enough […] Read more

Industry lynch-pin or a case of l’etat c’est CWB?

The best part of being a journalist is that you get to look at various questions and not have to have or evolve your own positions. You get to talk to people smarter than yourself and hear their opinions on critical matters, and since they generally see things differently on most things, you get to […] Read more

“This is not something that should be rushed.”

“This is not something that should be rushed.” That was just said by CWB chair Allen Oberg at a CWB newser responding to the legislation introduced in Parliament today. He was attacking the federal government’s decision to break the Board’s monopolies by August 1, 2012. He also said the Board’s board of directors will meet […] Read more