Spring wheat not withering alone

Well, the good news is that spring wheat futures aren’t plunging all by themselves today. The bad news is that they have simply fallen along with all the other big North American crops, at about the same rate. Here are the present futures prices at about 10:30 as listed at barchart.com: It’s a grim part […] Read more

Wheat slumping, others flatting

Spring wheat today looks awful on the charts. It’s not easy being wheat. Of the spring variety. Nothing else looks as bad today. I’ve been away on holiday for the past 10 days, until yesterday, so catching up on the markets is always a little intimidating when i get back, and such it is this […] Read more


Every year at this time I do a drive outside of Winnipeg to look for war memorials. It’s a small Remembrance pilgrimage for me. This year I went down the highway to Carman, then down to Winkler. At Winkler I got a coffee at McDonald’s, noted with approval the Remembrance Day wreath there on the […] Read more


November is a grim month. Leaves have fallen, the land is dead, darkness grows and the mind becomes occupied by regrets and the ghosts of betrayed hope. At this time every year I brush off my Poe and read The Raven, which seems to perfectly sum up the feel of the month. Here’s the final […] Read more

Journos fall into the inevitability of the logic

Yesterday I did a 45 minute phone interview with Canada’s leading expert on agricultural cooperatives and the history of coop movements. This, of course, was inspired by the CWB issue and me looking for wise words to set the historical context. As I got off the phone, I saw in my Twitter inbox that Karen […] Read more

Happy B-day CBC, and praise for a CBC Manitoba host/reporter

CBC’s 75 years old today and it deserves a hearty Happy Birthday! Lots of people gripe about it for various reasons – I’ve been part of that crowd at times – but without it we’d all be a lot worse off. There are things it does no-one else has the ability to do. (Yes, yes […] Read more

A certain inevitability of the logic . . .

Being a naive and silly person, I thought the Conservative government would be successful in its attempt to champion “marketing freedom” for grains, but not at all touch supply management. After all, methought, the West and the East are in almost separate worlds for economics and politics, so the forked-road strategy of the government – […] Read more

Eurotypes got one more fix, but it’s worn off

European and global stock market investors have been facing the European debt meltdown situation like a junkie thinking “just one fix” will cure his pain and problems. Every time the old fix begins to wear off, Eurobosses come up with another one. The problem is that each one is less effective, and the junk wears […] Read more