Science-O-Rama, 2016

In the first week of April I attended Murray Hartman’s Science-O-Rama in Edmonton, which was an Alberta Canola production. Alberta’s provincial oilseed specialist, Murray Hartman, hosted the presentations and discussions that focused on the science of canola. Here are a few stories I wrote that are based on a some of the lectures. Video: Do more […] Read more

Producer’s spring photo contest underway

The Western Producer holds a spring and fall photo contests every year, and we are now accepting submissions for our #plant16 photo project. Don’s photo will contribute a gift certificate worth $1,000 for first place. The contest caught the eye of the American Agriculture Editors’ Association, which awarded The Western Producer second place in their […] Read more

PCs romp to success as NDP is driven from rural Manitoba

Greg Selinger led his NDP government to a devastating defeat Tuesday, as widespread revulsion for his broken promise to not raise the sales tax combined with a multitude of other factors to hand the Progressive Conservatives a massive victory. PC leader Brian Pallister brushed off relentless NDP attacks on his character and alleged beliefs, leading […] Read more

Original sin in the Western Canadian grain business

It’s pretty easy to laugh at the “Bring back the Wheat Board” crowd. And snigger, titter and giggle. Plus smirk. Which is what a lot of people do. Yes, it does seem rather silly to call for the Canadian Wheat Board to be reinstated as a monopoly. It’s just not going to happen, for a […] Read more

Bad time for trade – but a good time for reading

It seems like a bad time for trade, at least for continuing success in opening new markets. Both hard left and hard right in the U.S. are anti-trade and actively campaigning against trade in the present presidential primaries. (Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump come on down!!!) Now is also a time when many of those […] Read more

Digital mobs can undermine social media efforts

The British North America Act, now known as the Constitution Act, was introduced in 1867 to create a representative system of government, and the act continues to ground Canada’s laws. However, Canadians today have the opportunity to understand and contribute in the democratic process more easily than could Canadians living in the 1800s. Proponents of […] Read more

Ketchup wars fought over social media

It’s been weeks since Loblaws pulled French’s ketchup from its shelves and then backtracked after taking a social media battering. However, Canadians continue to post selfies on social media proudly holding the ketchups that say “support Canadian farmers.” Leave it to social media to wrap a Canadian flag around an American company and turn French’s […] Read more

Social media helped Trump bypass traditional sources

It is not surprising social media is saturated with news and discussions about American primaries, but there is something different about this election cycle. Republican front-runner Donald Trump has used social media and traditional media sources to keep all eyes on himself . When Trump announced his candidacy in June he said some Mexican immigrants […] Read more

Living in the midst of the canola revolution

It must be bizarre to live through a political revolution or a war, where there is widespread chaos, violence and confusion. For all the drama, fear and excitement, people still have to feed their families, most still have to go to their jobs, generally people keep paying their bills, visiting their grandmothers and attending sporting […] Read more