If it seems dark, farmers need help to see light

It’s the darkest and bleakest time of the year, and that can wear down the toughest people’s defences. It’s actually less dark right now than usual for this time of year, because there’s so much snow everywhere across the Prairies, but that snow also comes with much colder conditions than usual, so it doesn’t seem […] Read more

Our fragile free markets are snowflakes that need a safe space

Never has it been so obvious how terribly fragile and prone to melting our free and open markets are today. Winnipeg’s futures markets for barley, durum and spring wheat have been disbanded, after being abandoned by market players over the past few years. The remnants were swept out and mopped up last week, with the […] Read more

Why farmers are relieved as heck by what Morneau and Trudeau have done

Like taking a furiously boiling pot off a red hot burner, Finance Minister Bill Morneau and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have rapidly cooled the outrage and upset created by the federal government’s rushed small business tax proposals. Farmers, we listened. We will not be moving forward with proposed measures to limit access to the Lifetime […] Read more

Post-truth world: Farmers continue to be some of the victims

The ugliness of the post-truth world was on display in front of the Manitoba legislature on October 11, as a protest against ending the province’s hog barn moratorium portrayed pig farmers as significant causes of Lake Winnipeg’s water quality woes. Protestors claimed that pollution from hog barns has hurt Lake Winnipeg and would do more […] Read more

Why farmers are mad as hell at Morneau and Trudeau

It’s safe to say lots of farmers are mad as hell at federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau and his boss, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over the proposed small business tax overhaul. Why is this? Is it because they’re a bunch of fat-cat tax-cheats who have gotten their fingers caught in the cookie jar and are […] Read more

Anxiety, uncertainty and perplexity: the mood in Washington this week

Is he actually going to do these things? Does he even understand them? Will we get anything done? Those questions seemed to be swirling around the Washington, D.C. agriculture and trade policy community this week as I and a group of agricultural journalists met with congressmen and farm policy experts in the U.S. capital. Anxiety, […] Read more