When agronomists are asked about using glyphosate as a desiccant, the standard response is:

Day of reckoning coming for pre-harvest glyphosate?

Five years ago, about half of the pigs in Canada were raised with ractopamine. In 2018 the percentage is basically zero. Use of the feed additive, which increases the rate of gain for hogs, dropped to nothing because Canada’s pork industry listened to market signals. Major buyers, like China and Russia, didn’t want pork with […] Read more

The science of division vs. the pursuit of truth

Is it just me, or is it getting harder to tell the difference between fact and fiction? Thanks to the internet and social media, we have more information and more opinions at our fingertips every day. But as the amount of information available to us increases, it takes more time and mental energy to sort […] Read more

It was almost ten years ago I began blogging almost exclusively from this place, which is only a three minute walk from where my office was located, behind another of Portage and Main's corners. | Ed White photo

One last post from the old ‘bux

On tumult in the ag trade and industry

This is the last blog post I’ll be writing from my preferred venue of the Starbucks in the base of one of Portage and Main’s towers. I’ll still be blogging and blithering in this digital space on the internet, but this physical space in the core of Winnipeg’s and Canada’s grain business is disappearing on […] Read more

The Trump administration said the tariffs were necessary, for Mexico and Canada, because negotiations for a new North American Free Trade Agreement were bogged down. | Screencap via Twitter/@realDonaldTrump

Trump fails import-export math

For someone who graduated from a top business school, Donald Trump doesn’t seem to understand basic math. In a Monday morning tweet, Trump said Canada, Mexico and China are treating American farmers “unfairly.” He claimed that U.S. farmers have not been doing well for the last 15 years because countries, like Canada, put up barriers […] Read more

There were lots of smiles and congratulations at the celebration for the signing of Bill C-49. Here Art Enns, Grain Growers of Canada Vice President, left, and Ralph Eichler, centre, are in good moods after lauding the legislative achievement in official remarks at an event held outside Winnipeg at a Richardson elevator. | Ed White photo

Farmbaya for C-49

I never thought I’d see it. It was like the wolf lying down with the lamb, the leopard lying down with the goat, or the calf, the lion and the yearling lounging in peace. What child led this parade of grain industry peace? It was a brand new child of Parliament, known as the Transportation […] Read more

Cargill states on its website that it has the

‘Yes and yes’: Cargill successfully embraces both science and non-science

About 13 months ago Cargill sent out a tweet that unintentionally offended, and profoundly offended, thousands of North American farmers. “We work closely with the #NonGMO Project & hope to have even more Cargill ingredients verified in the near future.” The tweet, released March 2017, quickly became a public relations debacle. Hundreds of farmers hammered […] Read more

In 2017 I interviewed about 800 to 1,200 people about agriculture, agronomy, science and food. Looking back at the responses, to probably more than 3,000 questions, one comment stands above the rest. | File photo

Eating organic kale is about status

In 2017 I interviewed about 800 to 1,200 people about agriculture, agronomy, science and food. Looking back at the responses, to probably more than 3,000 questions, one comment stands above the rest. It came from Kevin Folta, professor and chair of the University of Florida horticultural sciences department and a well-known science communicator. Folta frequently […] Read more

China presently sells about double the amount of stuff to Canada that Canada sells to China, so the country doesn't need to panic if the Chinese seem to be growing cold. | File photo

Better not to kowtow to China

It’s too bad China didn’t offer Canada everything Canadians had hoped for in the Prime Minister’s just-completed trip. Many were hoping that Canada and China would officially agree to beginning negotiations towards a free trade deal, but that frittered away with Justin Trudeau pushing labour and gender rights and some amongst the Chinese leadership appearing […] Read more

WP launches new website

The Western Producer has launched a new website. It has been a long time coming, but I hope visitors will find it’s been worth the wait. The new producer.com is not a flashy or gimmicky website; instead, it’s functional and attractive. Our experience — both in print and online — shows that the easier and […] Read more