Canadian farmers will have large wheat crop to market

The new wheat marketing environment in place this crop year should get a good workout with a big crop and the potential for excellent demand and prices. Drought in the United States and a range of bad weather in the Black Sea region have pushed all grain prices higher, including wheat. Wheat is also getting […] Read more

Foodgrains bank OK with aid policy changes

More ways to help | The updated agreement allows organizations to provide cash or vouchers and offer a wider range of food

A new international treaty add-ressing global hunger policy has been met with approval from the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, al-though it has concerns about the country’s long-term commitments under the pact. Negotiations for the Food Assistance Convention concluded in the spring and include a number of changes from the 1999 Food Aid Convention, which saw Canada […] Read more

Glencore could benefit from U.S. weather woes

LONDON, U.K. (Reuters) — The impact that the worst U.S. drought since the 1930s is having on grain markets has created opportunities for Glencore, especially after its takeover of Viterra, company officials say. “In terms of the outlook for the balance of the year, the environment is a good one: high prices, lots of volatility, […] Read more

Manure to fertilizer conversionaids environment, producers

Creating local products | Hylife refines process at Manitoba hog barn

Most phosphorus fertilizer in Manitoba now originates at mines in Florida, Morocco or other far-away spots. However, a more local form may soon be available in Manitoba, which might improve the water quality in Lake Winnipeg and boost crop yields at the same time Over the last 15 months, Hylife, one of the largest hog […] Read more

Bin makers begin with better basics

Building a better grain bin means starting with better steel, such as the Galfan high tensile alloy employed in Farm West Bins. “Galfan is a surface coating that’s superior to the old wartime galvanizing that dates back to the 1920s or ’30’s,” said Lyle Goebel of Prairie Steel, which does the steel work for Farm […] Read more

U.S. drought swallows crops, optimism

The U.S. has generated record or near record crops in soybeans and corn for most of the past 10 years. Corn hovers in the 12 to 13 billion bushel area and soybeans in the low three billion bu. range. But this year’s American drought has reached all but the Pacific Northwest and the Canadian border […] Read more

Dow boosts wheat investment

Research facility opens | New technologies should enable researchers to speed variety development

A major player in the seed business has enhanced its wheat breeding efforts in Canada. Dow AgroSciences Canada Inc. recently opened a 10,000 sq. foot cereal research and breeding facility in Nairn, Ont. It replaces an older facility the company acquired when it bought the assets of Hyland Seeds in 2010. Dow decided to stay […] Read more

Growing Forward focus on exports risky for small farmers: NFU

On the eve of a five-year federal-provincial deal to redesign farm support programs, the National Farmers Union has weighed in with a denunciation of existing programs as too big oriented. The new Growing Forward farm program framework to take effect April 1 is expected to reduce farm income supports and shift the focus to supporting […] Read more

Senator remembered by cattle sector for help after BSE crisis

Retired Canadian senator John Lynch-Staunton, considered a friend of the Canadian cattle industry, died Aug. 17 at the age of 82. Born in Montreal, Lynch-Staunton spent a lifetime in civic and public duty, beginning as a Montreal city councillor. He was appointed to the Senate by former prime minister Brian Mulroney in 1990. Lynch-Staunton is […] Read more

Changes imminent, says B.C. ag minister

AgriStability under discussion | Ag ministers to meet in Whitehorse to form a five-year plan

Federal and provincial agriculture ministers have negotiated new farm support rules largely in secret, but British Columbia minister Don McRea figured his producers should be in on the secret. Beginning in June, before any other minister, he began to brief farmers in the province about proposals for drastic cuts in business risk management program funding […] Read more