Grease key to keeping grain carts carting

Don’t take cart for granted | Check the tires, lights and flighting and make sure the parts that need it are greased

Soft fields and bigger farms have prompted prairie producers to add a new machine to their operations. Once an American and European tool, the grain cart is becoming common in western Canadian harvesting systems. “It’s more than a rolling grain (bin). It’s a machine and it needs regular maintenance,” said Jerry Ecklund of Unverferth Manufacturing […] Read more

Australian chickpeas threaten pulse price

Australian farmers are poised to shatter the country’s chickpea production record, which could put pressure on Canadian yellow pea prices this winter. High prices and favourable weather encouraged Australian growers to plant 1.2 million acres of desi and 177,346 acres of kabuli chickpeas. That is double the amount of chickpeas that went in the ground […] Read more

Alberta takes on hawkweed

Alberta has a new invader. It arrived stealthily, by unknown means, though it likely hitched a ride on construction equipment. Now it is poised to take over territory. Such invasions are not unfamiliar to provincial weed specialists, but yellowdevil hawkweed is a formidable adversary. There are no approved herbicides to control it, and the wily […] Read more

Corn, livestock producers differ on ethanol mandate

Ethanol Expansion Program

A longstanding spat between corn growers and livestock producers that was recently reignited in the United States is spreading north. The Canadian Pork Council is calling on governments to temporarily relax ethanol mandates in response to a U.S. drought that has driven up feed costs to unsustainable levels. That prompted a response from Canadian corn […] Read more

New vaccine promisesto change FMD treatment

LINDELL BEACH, B.C. — After years of research, scientists at the United States Department of Agriculture have produced a molecular vaccine for one strain of foot and mouth disease that does not use the live virus and can be used to differentiate between an infected and an inoculated animal. Marvin Grubman, supervisory research chemist at […] Read more

Growers, elevators urged to submit grain samples

The Canadian Grain Commission is encouraging farmers to submit grain samples from this year’s harvest to its Harvest Sample Program. Producers can request a sample package by contacting the commission or visiting the CGC’s website at Growers who submit samples before Nov. 1 receive a free unofficial grade as well as a free quality […] Read more

Russia rejects export ban, but shipments to fall

Failure to get a new global trade agreement and the slow progress of its trade dispute resolution process has tarnished the reputation of the World Trade Organization. But it has value in the simple fact that it exists and countries want to belong to it. That was proven last week when Russia, fresh from its […] Read more

Ont. farm program’s future uncertain: report

Risk Management Program | George Morris Centre report says recent changes may make it less attractive to producers

Ontario’s Risk Management Program has sent hundreds of millions of dollars to the province’s farmers but its future direction is uncertain, says a new report. “The programs have paid out to participating producers, but the future direction is no longer as clear,” George Morris Centre executive director Bob Seguin wrote in a recently published analysis […] Read more

Semen protein found to prompt ovulation

New findings from the University of Saskatchewan about mammal fertility are expected to draw interest from researchers in a variety of disciplines. However, the researcher who led the project says he has cattle producers in mind. A team headed by Gregg Adams of the Western College of Veterinary Medicine studying seminal fluid has identified a […] Read more

Deal struck to sell straw-based paper

Staples agreement deemed significant | Company would like to build a plant in Western Canada

A deal to supply paper to Staples Canada means a Winnipeg company’s plan to build a straw-based paper plant in Western Canada is one step closer to reality. In mid-August, Prairie Pulp & Paper announced that its paper, which is made from wheat straw, is now available at Staples stores in Canada. Sold under the […] Read more