Writer sought to give insight on farm life

On Jan. 11, 1996, The Western Producer introduced Ryan Taylor to our readers. Or rather, we introduced our readers to Ryan Taylor. For that is when his Cowboy Logic column began a remarkable run of almost 20 years.

Ryan’s folksy approach to writing about farming life became exceedingly popular with readers.

The rancher and former North Dakota state senator called upon his many experiences with his family and farm labours to regale us with wisdom.

I have written many columns over the years, for weekly and daily newspapers. I am very much aware of the effort it takes to prepare material and craft a column. To me, that Ryan’s column always looked so effortless and genuine meant he had put a lot of thought into it.

His jaunty tales inevitably produced a smile on the lips of our readers. (Many of you told us so.) On Sept. 10, he wrote his final column. He is movin’ on. He will be missed on these pages. Dedicated readers can still access his previous columns by searching for his name on The Western Producer’s website at producer.com.

Now, we’re not leaving it at that. We’re looking for a farming columnist to write about life among the grain, the weeds and the cattle. We’re not looking for someone to replace Ryan — his was an inimitable voice — but we are looking for someone who can keep readers interested with yarns about life on the farm. We’re looking to avoid politics, unless the story involves a candidate knocking on the barn door looking for a chat.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, please contact me at the email address at the bottom of this column.


By the time this edition of The Western Producer appears in your mailbox, the Canadian Federation of Agriculture’s debate on ag issues will have taken place (Sept. 30). The participants scheduled were Conservative Gerry Ritz, the NDP’s Malcolm Allen, Liberal Mark Eyking, Bruce Hyer from the Green party, and possibly someone from the Bloc Quebecois.

As of today (Oct. 1), The Western Producer will carry a link to the debate video on our website at producer.com.

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