Readers offer some advice for the Producer

Western Producer managing editor Michael Raine recently asked our readers to share what they thought about our paper.

Response mostly came in the form of text messages, tweets and emails.

Readers generally suggested they enjoy the paper’s content. Many said serves as an important source of information for their farms, mentioning its daily news updates, newsletter, markets newsletter and weekly video analysis by D’Arce McMillan.

A reader from Saskatchewan sent this via email: “Put all your recipes and the photos up in one place on the website. Same thing with those on the farm stories and pictures. And my husband says to do that with the machinery stories, too. We used to clip them out and put them in files. Now we use the website, but it could be better.”

A Manitoba reader sent this: “I find the WP to be full of interesting information worth reading. Some of it is pertinent to me. I follow the WP Facebook page, but I don’t use the website.”

And this came via Twitter: “Most cattle info anywhere. Markets stories hit the mark. Need more farmer stories from the U.S. and EU. They are like us. We learn from each other.”

This email from Manitoba’s Red River Valley was particularly interesting: “Like machinery stories. We seed corn and soybeans and you are the only ones who cover that equipment and agronomy in depth. Lots of how-to, but need more. Like the little videos. Want more of those about how to run my GPS stuff. How-tos about making maps and using them. Use the ( because my wife takes the paper away for a couple of days for her or when she wants me to get something done.”

Thanks for sharing.

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