China about to change global meat sector

I have a great life — and it’s all about food. I get to grow some food, mostly for other folks. I get to write about, and direct editorial traffic around, agriculture and food at one of the best farming publications on the planet. And I get the opportunity to help other farmers grow more […] Read more

Farmers need to translate their world into city language

From a young age, children are taught that words matter. They are repeatedly told that they should “use their words” and that the best stories are ones told in a language their audience (their parents, teachers, siblings, classmates) can understand. These same communication rules apply to the agriculture industry. For years, the sector has been […] Read more

Traps to watch for when deferring tax on grain sales

Are you one of many farmers delivering grain to an elevator and delaying tax on the sale until the following year? When using grain deferrals there are a number of tips and traps you should consider. A deferral is when you deliver grain in one year but accept payment for that grain in the following […] Read more

Letters to the editor – April 11, 2019

Sask. PST increase worse than carbon tax  Having recently completed my income tax return for 2018, I noticed a significant increase in Saskatchewan PST charges. With the current backlash against the federal carbon tax, led in large part by the provincial government, I decided to do some comparing. In the spring of 2017 the Saskatchewan […] Read more

China’s ban of Canadian canola imports is widely seen as retaliation for Canada’s arrest of Meng Wanzhou, the daughter of the founder of telecom giant Huawei, at the behest of the United States. | Robin Booker photo

BLOG: Canada-China relationship was getting cozy before Meng detention

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is under fire for the deteriorating Canada-China relationship, but his misstep may have been to be too accommodating to the Asian superpower. The Canada-U.S. relationship hit a low when President Donald Trump imposed U.S. tariffs on Canadian steel due to “national security concerns,” forced Canada into impromptu and brutal negotiations for […] Read more

Canada may need a rethink on how it trades with China

China’s ban on imports of Canadian canola seed is an urgent issue, but it also gives Canada an opportunity to rethink its relationship on agricultural trade with China. Some creative thinking could turn our collective mindset upside down. Canada and China had agreed to double agricultural trade between them by 2025. That trade is now […] Read more

The author makes the case for demonstrating the sustainability of modern agriculture by formalizing sustainable practices.  |  File photo

Time for a code of practice for grain

I was on a speaker’s panel a few weeks back with a farmer who said he never wanted to hear the word sustainability again. I understand the sentiment, but we as an industry are going to be hearing that word more and more from customers and consumers around the world. Farmers shy away from sustainability […] Read more

The news team of Barb Glen, Robert Arnason and Ed White won first place in the Special Projects category for a special report on supply management. Journalism in this category “takes reporting to a higher level,” demonstrating “careful planning and enterprise.”| File photo

WP writers recognized for their efforts

Western Producer journalists have been recognized around the world for their work, and this year’s North American Agricultural Journalists awards competition kept that record going. Five members of the Producer’s newsroom were honoured in four categories. The news team of Barb Glen, Robert Arnason and Ed White won first place in the Special Projects category […] Read more

Feds try to keep politics out of China-canola controversy

Politics were in full swing April 1 as Members of Parliament returned to the House of Commons for two full sitting weeks. The Ottawa bubble remains obsessed with the SNC Lavalin story after former Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould tabled additional documents with the clerk of the House justice committee on March 29. That submission included […] Read more

Looking for solutions to the China problem

There are no easy answers, no simple solutions on the issue of China and canola. Some measures and approaches are better than others, but none guarantees a satisfactory conclusion. Going back to the beginning of this mess, some pundits say Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou should have been discretely forewarned to stay clear of Canada. Alternatively, […] Read more