Focusing on innovations by increasing wheat yield while maintaining Canada’s reliability in yield, sustainability, food safety and quality will help advance the country’s position in a competitive global wheat market.  |  Barb Glen photo

Collaboration can lead to innovation

Innovation is a competitive advantage for Canadian farmers. It is through ongoing innovation that Canadian wheat exports will compete with the likes of the Black Sea regions. In the period of 2015-18, Canada has consistently been in the top 10 wheat-producing countries in the world and within the top five wheat-exporting countries. Focusing on innovations […] Read more

Too much rain poses threat to this year’s crop

With apologies to the corresponding religious quotation, this is a year when it appears that good rains giveth and bad rains taketh away. Many areas welcomed July rains this year, but many others are wishing the tap would turn off. Too much rain threatens to be a limiting factor in crop production. Precipitation maps have […] Read more

Father’s Day on the canals of central Sask.

All this recent talk about irrigation has prompted me to think about Father’s Day 2017. Not the most obvious connection, I know, but life’s like that sometimes. On that glorious late spring day three years ago, I spent a Sunday afternoon with three other people riding our bicycles in the countryside less than an hour […] Read more

Who’s going to pay the piper after COVID-19 spending?

Former governor of the Bank of Canada David Dodge, writing on behalf of the C.D. Howe Institute while referring to the government’s financial response to COVID-19, said the right decisions were probably made at the time. However, the report also stated that the government must implement a plan to “restore fiscal maneuvering room” as soon […] Read more

Bibeau’s value largely rests on ability to enact BRM reform

The long-term value current federal Minister of Agriculture Marie Claude Bibeau will provide to farmers hinges largely on her ability to reform business risk management programming. That is a difficult and expensive task. The current plan to reform business risk management (BRM) programs was made back in 2017, when Ottawa and the provinces agreed to […] Read more

It was politics and a lack of long-term economic vision by successive governments that stopped irrigation implementation in Saskatchewan in the 1970s and kept it halted. It’s time to take this job off the Prairies’ to-do list. | File photo

It’s about time the Prairies took irrigation off its to-do list

Irrigation expansion has its friends and foes. It doesn’t favour every farmer or segment of the industry or society equally. It picks regional winners and losers and requires all to share in some of the costs. Producers and municipalities in irrigatable areas generally pick up the lion’s shares of operations, but the expense isn’t exclusively […] Read more

The Saskatchewan Irrigation Projects Association makes the case for expanding the province’s water network.  |  File photo

Sask. irrigation proposal defended

The Diefenbaker Project followed the 1930s droughts and crop failures when leaders from all political parties looked for long-term solutions. The South Saskatchewan River Project (SSRP) created a water heart in the Palliser Triangle to distribute water, primarily for irrigation, but also industries, wildlife, municipalities, power generation, flood protection and farmsteads. Dams would not have […] Read more

Whenever a person transfers capital property to someone with whom they are related, the act deems that transfer to occur at fair market value, regardless of the actual sale price. A similar rule states that whenever a person dies, that person is deemed to have disposed of all capital property at fair market value. | Getty Images

Transferring the farm to the kids is tax free – or not

Many farmers know there are “tax rollover” rules in the Income Tax Act that allow their farmland and shares in their farming corporation to be transferred to their children without tax. However, these rules have many conditions that can catch people by surprise. First, some background. Property that can create a capital gain or loss […] Read more

Expansion plans

Recent events should force Canadians to rethink our country’s relationship with the United States. Canada will always be the mouse in bed with the elephant that is the U.S., but we need to realize the elephant is sick and consider other bedfellows, or better yet, how we might be able to sleep alone. American leadership […] Read more

AgriStability or AgriInvest: which is better?

Kevin Hursh is an agricultural journalist, consultant and farmer. He can be reached by e-mail at If you had to choose between an enhanced AgriStability and an enriched AgriInvest, which would you pick? Many farm groups have long been calling for improvements to AgriStability, a rollback of the changes made years ago by the […] Read more