Jill Koop has gathered and created a wealth of rural western Canadian images, despite living in a big city.  |  Ed White photo

Beauty of the Prairies shared with others on Instagram

Do you think the Prairies are beautiful, bold, filled with drama and almost allegorical in their starkness? Are you disappointed in the way non-prairie people, and prairie urbanites, often describe the western plains as dull, boring, something to be gotten through on the way to somewhere else? If so, you should check out the Instagram […] Read more

Effective recruitment strategies not to be overlooked

Primary agriculture production has grown exponentially over the last decade. Farm business is no longer family-run enterprises. Instead, it is being replaced by complicated financial structures with numerous moving and living parts. This has required owners of family farm businesses to look externally for additional hired work. However, issues have arisen as the search for […] Read more

Intercropping advantage is not just yield

Intercropping has garnered a significant amount of interest in recent years. The jury is still out on whether this practice will grow to be hundreds of thousands or even a million or two acres across Western Canada, but there can be significant advantages to growing two crops together and separating the seeds after harvest. For […] Read more

All political eyes shift to Argentina for G20 summit

If you’re a political or trade junkie, it’s safe to say your eyes will likely be focused on Argentina this week as world leaders gather in Buenos Aires Nov. 29-Dec. 1 for the G20 Summit. For one thing, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement is expected to take another step forward. All three member nations of the […] Read more

Letters to the editor – November 29, 2018

CWB should have remained Canadian Re: Ritz should not be in Ag Hall of Fame, op-ed by Ian Robson, (WP, Nov. 15). I am 200 percent in agreement with this article. As a Canadian MP and agriculture minister, Gerry Ritz should have been promoting all things Canadian. Instead, (the Canadian Wheat Board’s assets were sold […] Read more

Gov’t tries controlling the message

Agriculture Canada tried to impose media talking points on the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for the public release of a study that examined glyphosate levels in Canadian food. Before the study’s release, CFIA provided the Grains Roundtable an overview of the study’s findings on April 10, 2017, according to an Agriculture Canada internal report obtained […] Read more

Agriculture leaders, experts, government officials, farmers and academics gathered in Gatineau, Que., last week for a two-day conference to talk about public trust.
 | Screencap via www.foodintegrity.ca

Public trust hard to earn in era when distrust is common

Agriculture leaders, experts, government officials, farmers and academics gathered in Gatineau, Que., last week for a two-day conference to talk about public trust. It’s a hot topic, a reality quickly confirmed by the fact the room was full. But what does public trust actually mean? In broad terms, public trust is the idea that a person […] Read more

Trade negotiators must keep dairy farmers in mind because they play a significant role in their local economies.  |  File photo

Trade deals hurt farmers’ livelihoods

At 8 a.m. one recent morning, when the milking of 110 cows was complete, I helped Jeannie van Dyk feed her calves and give them clean bedding. The calves are fed milk twice daily, individually according to size, appetite and age. Then they’re taught to drink from a bucket and they start solid food at […] Read more

Sask. drainage rules ratchet up the tension

In areas of Saskatchewan where water drainage is an issue, the new Water Security Act appears to be a disaster in the making. Drainage is contentious, but many observers say the new act is going to raise tensions between neighbours and result in ridiculous restrictions on even minor drainage efforts. Online surveys are the new […] Read more

‘Theft of time’ can damage farm’s financial performance

I had an interesting discussion a couple of weeks ago with someone who works in a large not-for-profit organization. The management team in the organization had just finished working through a planning session. Part of the focus of the session was on roles, responsibilities, work plans and desired outcomes. It was pretty typical: who has […] Read more