If you are considering listing your winter vacation home you need to plan well ahead with your tax specialist in Canada and a good U.S. lawyer, who is aware of the tax consequences of such a sale by non-U.S. citizens. | Flickr.com/Reza Etemad photo

Selling a vacation property in the U.S. requires planning

Many retired and active farmers, along with other Canadians, escape to the southern states in winter to their homes away from home. However, at a certain point, the property might have to be sold for a variety of reasons, including an estate sale or health reasons. This year, there are a few other conditions leading […] Read more

New crop production contracts early this year

Maybe it’s the sky high price of canola. Maybe it’s the tightening stocks-to-use ratio on many commodities. Maybe it’s all the uncertainty in a pandemic-stricken world. Whatever the reasons, new crop production contracts are more widely available than usual for this time of year and some are worthy of consideration. Saskatoon’s Crop Production Show in […] Read more

Some gifts are destined to be remembered

A lot of Christmas presents have come and gone under the tree by the time you reach my age. I’m sure they were all appreciated at the time, but I must admit that most of them are now forgotten. This is especially the case once we start to move back into my early childhood, when […] Read more

Letters to the editor – December 24, 2020

Prairies experience drought and flood As a primary food producer in Western Canada, any article regarding the climate, like “North American farmers warned to prepare for a long dry spell” in the Dec. 3 Western Producer, catches my undivided attention. Through my school years and from my father-and-uncle years, I was told about drought and […] Read more

Why worry about food when the grocery stores are always loaded with an abundance of the world's nutritional riches? There's no scarcity, so there's no widespread concern. That all changed in 2020. | File photo

2020: The year food mattered

Farmers often complain about the way people living in cities seem to take our high-quality, high-safety food system for granted. Nobody in Canada worries about starving. Malnourishment is generally the result of bad diet choices, poverty  or social dysfunctions,  not an inability to find or obtain enough food to survive and be healthy. Why worry […] Read more

Bills don’t protect farmers, strong trade agreements do

Supply management shouldn’t need bills of the House of Commons to defend it against further quota erosion due to trade skirmishes. Hard negotiations at the international trade tables are where Canadian agriculture should be protected. And it was, in the fine print. A recently introduced private member’s bill, Bill 216, that would put supply managed […] Read more

Many farmers say the current version of AgriStabiity is not set up to help farmers with setbacks such as the terrible harvest of 2019.  | File photo

Provinces urged to accept proposal

Federal agriculture minister Marie Claude Bibeau has recently provided a funding offer to the provinces that would provide enhancements to the current AgriStability program. This was welcome news to many agricultural producers across Canada. AgriStability has always had design flaws and was, in the opinion of many, rendered almost useless when cuts were made to […] Read more

Would you buy your farm, if you were an investor? | File photo

If you were buying a farm, would you buy your own?

So, here’s an interesting question. Would you buy your farm? I don’t mean “would you buy the land?” but rather, a scenario where you didn’t have a farm and were looking to make an investment and one of the investments you were looking at was purchasing a farm. Would you buy your farm, if you […] Read more

Trees already growing and current farming practices are “business as usual” and don’t count for emission reductions. | File photo

Fight over federal carbon tax ready to escalate

The Liberal government’s new climate plan boasts that most Canadians will receive more in rebates than they pay in additional carbon tax, but nothing in the plan explains how Canada’s export-reliant industries are supposed to remain competitive. Farm fuel is exempt from the carbon tax and one assumes that will continue to be the case […] Read more

Corporatization of U.S. agriculture costs producers billions

In early 1999, I wrote a column about lions and gazelles. More precisely, I wrote a column on how, in the 1990s, American livestock farmers had become “gazelles… in the brutal world of global agriculture.” What that meant was “every morning the gazelle awakens knowing it must run faster than the fastest lion to live […] Read more