Letters to the editor – June 29, 2017

Climate change

Interestingly, climate change, global warming, carbon pollution and taxation have dominated worldwide communication.

Firstly, we must acknowledge the fact that nature provided planet Earth with a four-season year, (less taxes) spring, summer, autumn and winter. Spring planting, summer growing, autumn harvest and winter mostly sports.

Greed politics and taxation have now entered the planet with a variety of tangled results.

In view of energy produced by the internal combustion engine, the slightest regulation reduction in carbon producing gas would be disastrous in consideration of unemployment, in addition to mountains of metal garbage piles that would add to existing problem with disposal on land or at sea, which would create a new reason for further public taxation.

Environmental enthusiasts and weather forecasters, and in addition taxation authorities, face serious questions where answers are debatable and facts are most difficult to establish.

In consideration of spring planting, nature’s regular program carries the higher respect, thus, centuries of experience has fed the global population.

United Nations climate officials have admitted global wealth redistribution was the key purpose of the Paris treaty, so the American withdrawal was understandable.

Proof for all aspects of the Paris treaty must be assured by concrete evidence, including an ice-free Northwest Passage,wild animal migration such as musk-ox and penguins in Death Valley, monkeys in Fort McMurray, lions killing cattle north from Parkbeg, Sask., and boa constrictor snakes in Churchill, Man.

In view of the monetary rejection of the Paris treaty by the United States, Canada should follow the same course because this country is responsible for only two percent of all global carbon production.

John Seierstad
Tisdale, Sask.


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